Now that’s how you get back at "Sir Kick A Lot"

I have to admit, when I saw the matchup of Chris Carpenter vs Johnny Cueto on our Country’s Birthday I was thinking what alot of Cardinals Nation was thinking… first chance Carp gets he is going to remind Cueto that his kick to the back of Carpenter last year was not forgotten.  But as a fan of the Cardinals, and with first place clearly on the line, I realistically knew that Carp was not going to do that.  No matter how many of us, me included would have liked to see Carpenter send that “message”, the fact is that this game was too important.  I mean, who in their right mind want to see the game in the hands of the Cardinals bullpen for at least 5 innings, which is what would have happened had Carpenter intentionally hit Cueto and been ejected in the 3rd.  I think that would have been a potential disaster, so fortunately cooler heads prevailed and Carpenter did what he did and that was pitch his butt off!  He looked awesome out there, and by the way I caught that little smile on Carp’s face when the first time Cueto grounded back to Carp. Carpenter, not only got a well deserved victory his 3rd straight by the way, but in doing so beat Johnny “Sir Kick A Lot” where it really hurts and that was on the scoreboard and in the standings. Some rather spectacular defensive plays in the outfield by both Colby Rasmus and Jon Jay didn’t hurt.  In fact Jon Jay’s play may have been the game winning defensive play of the game.  Coupled with the Brewers loss and oh Reds fans the Pirates win, not only are the Cardinals in FIRST PLACE but you are in FOURTH PLACE how does it feel?  I haven’t been on here in awhile with work stuff, I spend so much time in front of a computer at work that I have gotten lazy and not gotten on at home.  But this night, on this particular holiday, I just had to get back in the saddle.  And kudos to Mark Hamilton,  for that game winning “sliding into first base” hit.  And of course how about Fernando Salas getting his 15th save, nicely done young man.  So tomorrow it’s Jaime Garcia vs Edison Volquez, and with the “bomb shell” that a one ALBERT PUJOLS may be back early kind of gets me going.  I just hope it’s not too early.


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