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These guys gotta GO MO!

This may just be my opinion and I am going to keep this blog short.  I don’t care how Tony LaRussa wants to spin it with his,”Motte only missed by this much”.  The fact is Motte came in and hit TWO … Continue reading

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It’s gotta be the SOCKS money!!!! Oh and Matt Holliday’s swing

What a relief that is!!!! Finally with a losing streak that has had all of Cardinals Nation scratching their collective heads, it’s over.  With one swing of the mighty Matt Holliday’s bat, the longest losing streak of the season is … Continue reading

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Carp loses again

Okay this is now on the verge of ridiculous… first off as a person who lived in KC, I have a soft spot for the Royals.  In other words I don’t hate them like I do the Reds, Brewers, Cubs … Continue reading

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There’s winning ugly and then there’s this

Losing UGLY!!!! Okay who’s brainiac idea was it to send down Lance Lynn, and start McClellan withoug rehabbing him at least one start?  Last I checked Lynn has had two solid outings, if you take away the Cardinals crappy defense.  … Continue reading

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Goin to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come….

….but not before one more blog on our beloved St Louis Cardinals, who at this writing still sit on top of the NL Central by 1.5 games over the Brewers.  It will take a sweep for the Cardinals to leave … Continue reading

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Lance squared

Well how about that folks, Lance Lynn you did it! The rookie Cardinals hurler, in a game I said the Cardinals had to win based on the upcoming series in Milwaukee, did just that. Last night’s win marked the first … Continue reading

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Bud does it again

You know if Bud Norris were on the Texas Rangers he could truly be Bud “Chuck” Norris aka Walker Texas Ranger. But no he has to be on the Houston Astros, an NL Central rival of the team he absolutely … Continue reading

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