These guys gotta GO MO!

This may just be my opinion and I am going to keep this blog short.  I don’t care how Tony LaRussa wants to spin it with his,”Motte only missed by this much”.  The fact is Motte came in and hit TWO STRAIGHT BATTERS! If an opposing pitcher had hit two straight Cardinals pitchers we’d have seen a cut of you in the dugout lipping to the opposing dugout, and you’d be right too.  There’s no explanation, excuse etc…. for a pitcher, a big league pitcher for that matter to come in and hit two batters in a row! This has been my problem with Jason Motte, he can throw hard, but the guy can’t pitch.  His control is just plain awful, and it has been since day one.  I’ll continue to say it, this is the guy the Cardinals wanted instead of Chris Perez?  I’ll still never be able to wrap my head around that.  Yes I know Chris Perez took a loss tonight, but so what he’s still light years ahead of Jason Motte.

Then there’s the rest of the lame arms that I like to refer to as the Cardinals bullpen, or as it’s labeled in the stat sheet as the WORST BULLPEN IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE.  As of this writing the Cardinals have now blown 15 saves, worst in the entire Major Leagues.  That’s pretty bad for a team that is contending for a division title or a playoff run.  Alarming as well, of the Cardinals 34 losses this season, 21 of those losses have gone to a member of the Cardinals bullpen.  In other words the Cardinals bullpen is responsible for 61 percent of the Cardinals losses.  That folks is horrible! 

I hate to say this but Cardinals GM John Mozeliak has his work cut out for him at the trade deadline.  I mean you have a big hole in the lineup without Albert, but let’s face it the bullpen is much more of a need for an overhaul.  I would prefer that we never see the likes of Trever Miller, Miguel Batista, Jason Motte, and to some extent Ryan Franklin again.  I won’t pile on Ryan Franklin this time because let’s be honest, the guy is at least trying out there.  And what happened to Mitchell Boggs last night?  This is a guy, who not that long ago was the Cardinals “clo…” I mean 9th inning pitcher with a lead.  And he was not even a blip on the radar of the manager last night, why?  I’m afraid there’s no quick fix for this mess of a bullpen, and that’s too bad because Kyle McClellan pitched his you know what off last night.  He actually went toe to toe with the great Roy Halladay, and deserved the W.  McClellan was dealing last night.  His location was excellent and he was getting the ground ball outs that shows he was in the zone.  And after the Cardinals got the lead vs Halladay, I and many thought this is it.  And then in trots…….the bullpen to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat again.  I am actually calmer now than I was last night, but I’m still pretty steamed at the guys in the pen.  This mess needs fixed Mo, get to work sir or this will not be a playoff team in October.

Tonight Kyle Lohse vs Cliff Lee, figures hopefully to be another pitchers duel.  Let’s hope that Lohse can go the distance or at least to the 9th so Salas can come in and save the day.  If it’s left up to the rag arms of Miller, Motte, Batista etc… well I’m just not that confident.


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