Where were you in 1982?

I’ll never forget where I was when Bruce Sutter recorded that final strike out in the 1982 World Series. You see I had signed up and joined the United States Marine Corps and during the 1982 World Series I was in basic training in San Diego California.  Now I did not see the final out live mind you, but I got to see the final out.  Back then you all heard of VCR’s, well I was about to watch a training film in basic training on, well to be honest I don’t remember what. But what I do remember is that the tape was at the end of the tape, so when the Drill Instructor put the tape on rewind the TV went to live TV where they showed that final out!  So here I am thousands of miles away and getting what we called “thrashed”. Thrashed meant exercised until we passed out from pain.  So here was my platoon sitting in the “classroom” waiting for the tape to rewind. Remember how long those darned tapes took to rewind, well I do now. Because when the tape was rewinding and I saw that final out I yelled something somewhere along of the lines of “OH YEAH!” Well my drill instructor was not too keen on that so I was “thrashed” the entire time the tape was rewinding. It felt like forever! But it was worth every single, push up, sit up and what we called bends and thrusts (trust me those hurt!) So the tape finished rewinding and I got to sit and be trained again on what I can’t even remember. But I’ll never forget that feeling of both pain (from the exercises), and joy! The 1982 World Series Champions St. Louis Cardinals!

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