Nice win tonight, and my wish list and it may or may not involve Colby Rasmus

Tonight’s win was nice in that the win came with the usual suspects: Albert Pujols homers and Chris Carpenter gets the win.

I want to make this blog perfectly clear though…. I am not in the “Let’s Trade Colby Rasmus camp”.  I truly believe that Colby is a multi talented baseball player, but I do believe at times his head is not in the game.  I don’t know, maybe he’s got ADHD or something that causes mental lapses.  But having said that, when Colby is on he is an excellent ball player, the challenge is not to dump him, the challenge is to well challenge him. Motivate him, whatever it takes to get him playing like he’s capable.  Pushing the panic button and trading Colby just to trade him is in my opinion a bad move.  Now having said that, if the Cardinals are going to trade Colby Rasmus they had better get top value (A quality starter and another position player possibly an infielder or a shut down reliever), I don’t care as long as it is not a rental…. do you hear that Heath Bell advocates?  While I have zero doubt in my mind where the Cardinals are weak, the fact is a good 3rd starter aka Jeremy Guthrie would have a ripple effect.  It would relieve Kyle McClellan of his spot in the rotation, where I think he’s hit a wall and by putting him in the pen takes a load of pressure off of him.  The fact is McClellan is in reality a rookie starter, as he’s never really been a starter from start to finish before.  The guy is bound to hit a wall, or a bump in the road.  Putting him in the bullpen for the remainder of the season should not effect his confidence, because he’s still a starter next year but with the knowledge of how the long season can effect one’s performance.  So getting a Guthrie from the Orioles, and moving McClellan to the pen to be the 7th or 8th inning guy is better than getting a Heath Bell and keeping McClellan in the rotation.  So my wish list is a Jeremy Guthrie type starter, and by the way Guthrie’s poor record is not indicative of his pitching ability.  Look at who and where and what division he pitches in and tell me pitching for the Cardinals in St Louis in the  weak N L Central would not be a huge boost! And a possible reliever, but not neccesarily a closer, the Cardinals have a closer in Salas as long as he is not pitching more than one inning.  And a reliever that I would take a look at to also help without being the closer…. not other than Jason Isringhausen. Laugh if you want, but if he is not expected to close and the way he manhandled the Cardinals in the recent trip to New York tells me that he’s way better than the guy that couldn’t get an out while pitching his last year as a member of the Cardinals.
As for the game, how awesome was it to win a game that was for all purposes, for 1st place vs the story of the year in the Pittsburgh Pirates.  By the way how ironic is it that the Pirates are contending while wearing the patch of the late Chuck Tanner, the last manager to take the Bucs to the World Series.  And tell me that Clint Hurdle is not the front runner for Manager of the Year.  But back to the game, how nice was it to win a game that the Cards had to win, and doing it with the pieces that for years have been the back bone of the success of the Cardinals. Albert goes yard, and Carpenter gets the Win.  That’s the way it should be done.  A David Freese home run was nice too, for all the naysayers that have been slamming Freese lately for both his bat and his defense.  So for a night it was nice to see, and the Cardinals potentially will be in first place at nights end if the Brewers were to lose to the Giants (at this writing they were winning 3-1 in the 5th inning).  But hey it’s just nice for a night to not be angry at a pen meltdown, a defensive meltdown and Carpenter getting zero run support.  So I’ll take it, and with Jaime Garcia on the mound tomorrow, and me finally getting to watch Jaime pitch (see I’m one of the unlucky U-Verse customers that have missed his last 3 starts due to the greedy black out), I’m encouraged.  So here’s to being back on top of the Central, hopefully.
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  1. Your trust and way of thinking has made all a great post.It was good to know you and you love for football.

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