Why I want the DH in the National League

Now first off to all the traditionalists, no I am not one of those who thinks the DH is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  And I too like the strategy that goes in to a manager decisions regarding the pitchers spot in the lineup. Heck Mike Matheny looked like a genius today by letting Lance Lynn hit in the Cardinals 13-7 win over Miami it was a nice move not to pinch hit for him.  So having said that here is why I have sort of changed my mind a little bit when it comes to the DH in the National League.  His name is Carlos Beltran, and unless the DH is in the National league, and unless the Cardinals are in no hurry to give Matt Adams the first base job permanently next year. The St Louis Cardinals are going to lose the guy who currently leads the team in HR’s.  To me in the perfect world a lineup that features (and this includes the coming of Oscar Taveras), Beltran, Craig, Holliday, and Matt Adams is very appealing.  So bash me NL purists all you want, but tell me you want to see Carlos Beltran go to an American League team and hit 20-30 HR’s. I don’t.


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