The Cardinals have something special in Yadier Molina #stlcards

I’m backkkkkkkkkkkkk, yes kids I’m back to blog. It’s been awhile, long story short I worked from home and my desktop was hooked to a work computer and I couldn’t blog.  That is another story in itself.  We as Cardinals fans have something special in Yadier Molina. We had something special in Albert Pujols before he took his ball and talents to Southern California and he will forever be known as just a really good ball player but not a legend. There will be no statue in front of Busch of Albert, but I feel that if things go the way they are going there will be on of Molina. Now of course this is all speculation on my part, but I think that at this point Molina will end up his career with the Birds on the Bat, and that makes him not only a special player but the city of St Louis has a love affair with him. Just go on twitter and see the argument over who’s the better catcher Yadi or Buster Posey.  For my money Yadi (and here is me playing the homer card) is the complete catcher who is just now starting to discover power in his bat.  Look at how many players dare not run on him or do and soon regret it.  His gold glove totals are a true testiment that he is an excellent catcher behind the plate. And the little things he does, like call a great game for young pitchers like Shelby Miller. His reluctance to not see his name in the every day lineup, all things that endear him to Cardinal Nation.  So to me we have something special in Yadier Molina.


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