Enter the other bulldog?

Well we all knew that Chris Carpenter’s injury meant we would be without his services for an unknown amount of time, and as a fan of the Cardinals that worries me.  But today my worries, for now anyway, are at ease.  Enter Lance Lynn, who filled in for the Bulldog quite nicely.

Lynn’s numbers 6.2 ip 1 er, 8k’s and only one BB was enough to get the Cardinals (3-1) off to a good start in the Mike Matheny era.  Lynn may not be the Bulldog, but for today he was the other bulldog.  I like the vibe of this team, a team that is still very overlooked by the experts.  Heck even in the 4 games I’ve heard Albert Pujols name more than Carlos Beltran, even though Beltran has 2 more home runs than Pujols (2 to 0) and has looked every bit worthy of the money the Cardinals wouldn’t have spent had they been handcuffed with that large contract.  I look forward to the day that the Cardinals can go a full nine innings without mentioning #5 every inning.

And let’s hear it for the young guys, Shane Robinson, Matt Carpenter getting starts and looking very good out there.  Robinson’s home run in the 9th, a 3 run shot that was his first career home run to boot. Not to take away from Tony LaRussa, but I don’t think he would have seen the plate this early in the season.  Hats off to Mike Matheny for having faith enough in his young guys to help give guys like Berkman and Yadi a nicely deserved day off.  Even though Yadi did come in late, it was still a nice change.

So this team, that many say can’t repeat are off to a 3-1 start having taken two of three from the Brewers, and are now off to Cincinnati where we get to see Jake Westbrook.  If his Spring Training numbers are any indication, tomorrow night could be good.  I think Cardinals Nation is in for a heckuva ride.


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