Gotta love this start

I have to say I gotta love this start! This team, the team that was supposed to struggle without #5 at first base and in the lineup, well in a word “didn’t”. They looked like the World Champions that they are. Today was sweet in the sense that not only did the Cardinals look great, slugging out home runs from Carlos Beltran, Matt Holliday, Yadier Molina and David Freese…but they did it to the Milwaukee Brewers on their home opener.  Coupled with good pitching, minus Kyle McClellan in the ninth, Jaime and the rest of the pen looked sharp.  The defense looked solid and the “team” looked better than anyone expected including all the experts.  And the great one who took his talents to Los Angeles can rest easy knowing the “team” he left behind is doing just fine.  So it’s onto Game Three with Adam Wainwright making his much anticipated start after missing last year due to Tommy John surgery, and I for one expect a strong outing from Wainwright.  And the Mike Matheny era has gotten off to a very nice start.  I said it before, Albert is a great player but this is a very good “team”.


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