I am sooooo ready for opening day

Guys I finally got to watch my first spring training game today as I watched our WORLD SERIES CHAMPION St Louis Cardinals take on the Tigers.  A few thoughts came to mind, first off it was damn good to hear the Fox Sports Midwest guys, and I’m so happy for Dan McLaughlin’s recovery. I’m praying that he is successful and has learned from the adversities he’s been through.  Secondly, how about MATT HOLIDAY!  Two days, two bombs, and I mean bombs.  I had to step back after the whole departure of he who shall be an Angel for the rest of his career, may it crash and burn so I can say the Cardinals got the best he had.  But like the Ray Vinson commercial said it, “nothing lasts forever”, and it’s time to move on.  With April 4th, just around the corner, I am more and more excited.  Jaime Garcia still shows me that he needs to learn to overcome adversity, but I have faith in him.  Thank God we have Yadi, because Bryan Anderson scares me when he’s behind the dish, two past balls today and when I saw the slow mo of both realize he should have gotten both of them.  Again, Thank You Mo for locking up Yadi for the next five years.  Today’s game was not a true indication, as we have yet to see the lineup we will see come the regular season, so I take solace in today’s 10-3 loss that it was “just an exhibition” nothing more, nothing less.  I grow more encouraged at the progress of Chris Carpenter, and knowing what a bulldog that he is expect him to avoid the DL.  I am worried about Skip, but I am actually liking what I see out of one Tyler Greene.  Possibly with Mike Matheny at the helm, he will flourish and not have to look over his shoulder if he struggles.  So Cardinals fans, here’s to it, 2012 time to defend the title….12 in 12



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