2011 World Series 8 DVD set

This 8 DVD set can be yours! I have been authorized by the folks at A&E to give away one to one of my fellow Cardinals folks out there.  Unlike the World Series Film, I need you to reply in the blog and I will give you guys one week to reply and I will pick a response, at random so it’s not first in first wins.  You can also purchase this awesome set for yourself at the link below:


No here’s your chance to win one for yourself! But this time again you will have to reply here.  Here’s what I want you to do to win.

The whole Albert Pujols to the Marlins thing is the talk of baseball right now.  So I want to know your thoughts.  But first mine:

Let me first say that I absolutely do not want Albert Pujols to take his talents to “South Beach” ala Lebron James.  But if Albert leaves for a 10 year, with ridiculous dollars I say thanks for the memories.  I do believe it will tarnish his image and there’s no way the Cardinals should ever even entertain the thought of retiring the number 5.  I do think that the “team” will do better in the long run than the “player”, and I think back to the quote from Tales of Two Cities, ” The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few, or the one”.  So the St. Louis Cardinals will be just fine.  This also gives Allen Craig the opportunity to shine as a full time player on this team.  This is only can be a good thing, as the Cardinals have Lance Berkman for one more year to man first base until Matt Adams makes his way to the big club, and Craig can play the outfield on a regular basis.  The fact of the matter is this, the St. Louis Cardinals will have a better opportunity for another World Series title than Albert will have in Miami.  Throw in the fact that the Marlins have already signed one “me” guy in Jose Reyes, and have another who is unwilling to change positions in Hanley Ramirez and you add Albert (who if he does go the Marlins, will come across as a “me” guy too).  You have the makings for a train wreck, or hey a new Soap Opera (As the Marlins Turn).  Now again, this is all speculation as I still hold out hope that at the end of the day, Albert Pujols will be a St. Louis Cardinal.  However, if he’s not the organization will be fine.  Oh and by the way, no way on Earth should the Cardinals give Albert a 10 year contract!  That is unless of course, it’s front loaded with monies for his career after he retires. I have no problem with that, but if Albert Pujols truly wants 10 years, then the Cardinals and I say BYE BYE.


Again guys that link if you want to purchase the 8 DVD set is:


But one of you will be getting one for free!  So respond and you have a week from today.

Really (yes you get a double really).

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2 Responses to 2011 World Series 8 DVD set

  1. Bizzy15 says:

    Well first off, I never thought Pujols would be leaving St. Louis and still feel heś on the verge of signing. It would be a fantastic add for the Marlins, dont get me wrong but nothing, nothing, nothing will mean as much to him as his place historically in St. Louis Cardinals history. Does he wanna go play alongside Jose Reyes, Hanley, Ramirez, Mark Buerhle, and Heath Bell? Who wouldn but you still are a once in a generation player and itś a rare occasion you see anyone stick with the team they started with. 2 championships in his career, great numbers, great guy for the community, heś gonna stay and if he doesnt I will have to accept it. Iḿ 99% sure he will return and continue to make history in St. Louis joining the great Stan the Man.Also I wanted to say thanks for myself on winning the last DVD giveaway.. this one would totally be a great Christmas present. Dont have a ton of money this holiday season so would be a great gift. Thanks.

  2. Pat says:

    Well it's a done deal! So Albert's not all about the money?? Give me a break!!! Well I am still a Cardinal fan as there are many GREAT players on the team. ONE PLAYER (albert) DOES NOT MAKE A TEAM. All in all I wish Albert well and hope he gets what he thinks he deserves.

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