2011 World Series DVD

Sorry it has taken me so long to write a blog, I won’t bore you with details.  Just to say that things are a little on the difficult side where I’m sitting and blogging has kind of taken a back seat.  Heck, I wasn’t very good at it anyway, I’m more of a talk about it on the radio person than a type about it person.  But I gave this a shot, it was fun, but again I just was not very good at it.

But, with that being said I did want to give three of you out there an awesome opportunity to win a 2011 World Series DVD, this includes the complete Game 5 of the NLDS.  Let me refresh your memory, uhm that was when our own bulldog Chris Carpenter out dueled Roy Halladay.  I remember saying, no way a 1-0 lead holds up against this team in this park.  And gladly I was proved wrong, as Carpenter was outstanding and sent the Cardinals not only to the NLCS, but to the World Series where he showed why when he hangs it up I think he’s a Hall Of Famer.  So you get to watch that game in it’s entirety.

The first disc is awesome! First off, the fact that Jon Hamm (Mad Men) is narrating is a treat.  The guy’s truly a fan, and his take on the whole thing is very good.  I like how it shows the Cardinals rough start (Pujols contract and Wainwright injuries as a start to what we all thought would be a long season.  But this production was totally awesome, and visually stunning.  This production has it all the ups and downs (Franklin/Colby), and the way this team started out, it is no wonder Cardinal Nation was worried.

But focusing on the positives, it shows the emergence of the NL Comeback Player of the Year in Lance Berkman and the emergence of the youth that picked up the load when the likes of Albert Pujols and Holliday were injured.  I’m speaking of course of David Freese, Jon Jay and of course Allen Craig.  The trade deadline deal that brought in the likes of Edwin Jackson and Rafael Furcal are nicely talked about.

But it has it’s adversity too, showing the struggles against the Brewers and the eventual sweep at the hands of the Dodgers that put the Cardinals at a double digit deficit with not a lot of time in the season.  I like the narratives of the players, their telling the story from the team’s perspective.  How a single team meeting after that sweep turned this team around.

The playoff footage is so professionally done, and I like how it includes the calls from Mike Shannon and John  Rooney over the video footage.  You know some or a lot of us had to endure the play by play and color analysis of those who in my opinion did not have the Cardinals best interest at heart.  But again this is not a negative post but a positive one.  Oh and how can we forget the “Rally Squirrel” footage, awesome that A&E put that in this disc.  By the way, major props to the staff at A&E, as this was so well orchestrated.  The slow motions of the rain drops, and towels in the stands is very nicely done.  I like how we all get to hear the words “Happy Flight” while watching this.  The close ups of Carpenter’s sliding effort to tag the base in Game One, and just how close he came to being injured.  If you didn’t know the results already, you’d be on the edge of your seat the whole time they covered the playoffs.  The way the Cardinals handled the “best team in baseball” in the Philadelphia Phillies, to how they handled the team that at one point tweeted the Cardinals would be “watching” them in the playoffs.  And of course the World Series footage, was very well done.  My hats off to Jon Hamm as his narration is very good from start to finish.  They even managed to get the interview with Tony that took place prior to Game 5 about the bull pen phones, in a word…classic.  The Albert Pujols 3 home run game is shown nicely, both live action and close ups.  Just everything about this DVD is worth watching.

I particularly loved how they treated Game 6, starting with the Freese at bat in the 11th and then going back in time with the whole “7 hours earlier”, just like a thriller.  And again if you didn’t know the Cardinals were going to win Game 6, the way it is portrayed you’d be nervous watching.  Heck, I knew the outcome but the way it’s narrated is so awesome, you actually feel like the Rangers were going to win and take the trophy back to Texas.  Game 6 will be a classic forever, and the way it was shown gives it that Hollywood feel. I love how they were able to get Joe Buck’s “See You Tomorrow” call in there.  It is only fitting that Joe Buck’s emulation of the late great Jack Buck’s call be put in this DVD.

And then the climactic Game 7, complete with the Craig home run, the final out, how Carpenter almost was pulled before going out for the 6th inning. It’s all captured very nicely, and the final part showing the celebration on the field. The trophy presentation, and you may even see yourselves if you were one of the lucky ones to be at Busch Stadium that night or at the subsequent parade.

This DVD is a total thumbs up, and I highly recommend you get it, if you can….which you can now.  I have been given the pleasure of giving three of these away to three readers.  Sort of my last act as a blogger, and so I’m going to make this very simple.

If you follow me on twitter @hitman6498 I want you to send me you’re Christmas wish and be creative.  I know what most if not all of you want.  I want Albert back too, I want the whole #12in12 to happen.  But come on put your creative hats on and wow me!  The three most creatives get the DVD mailed right to your doorstep.  So Cardinal Nation, its on you.

If you’re not fortunate enough to win it but want to get information on how to get it here is an excellent link:


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One Response to 2011 World Series DVD

  1. Pat says:

    Well I guess I'm a little miffed that Albert would even entertain the idea of leaving the Cardinals, but wait, it's only a job and God only knows that Albert needs the money. Give me a break Albert!!!!! Don't try to be a hero for the Marlins or any other losing team.

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