What a ride it was!!!!

Oh man! First I gotta say that this has been a heck of a ride! And our 2011 St Louis Cardinals are CHAMPIONS AGAIN (11 IN 11)! The win over a very good Texas Rangers team, and mad respect to them to get to back to back World Series is a huge accomplishment.  Having said that, how awesome was this, all the experts said the Cards would lose in every series (Philadelphia, Milwaukee and now Texas) and yet on the podium the Champions of the Baseball World….your St Louis Cardinals!

There were alot of factors that came into play tonight, and the stars were aligned.  I can’t help but think about higher powers.  My late Mom who was born on August 25th, coincidentally when the Cardinals made that awesome run (10.5 back). And what a coincidence that FOX network kept running those Stand Up To Cancer commercials, and it was Cancer that took her.  I just can’t help think that there was alot of things going on here tonight.  And the team played so inspired in the last two months that I can’t help but sit here while I’m typing with a big old smile on my face! 

The future by the way is so bright folks, how can you not feel good with the likes of Allen Craig, David Freese, Chris Carpenter, Yadier Molina, Jason Motte, Fernando Salas, Jaime Garcia, Eduardo Sanchez, Lance Berkman, a healthy Adam Wainwright and yes Albert Pujols (I still say he’s coming back folks, where else will he go and have the opportunities he has as a member of the St Louis Cardinals).  I also want to tip my cap to the coaching staff (Tony LaRussa, Dave Duncan and for all the grief he took early on Mark McGwire), for their effort.  And of course Cardinals GM John Mozeliak who when he traded Colby Rasmus for Edwin Jackson, Octaviel Dotel and Mark Rzepczynski, took alot of heat.  I admit I was skeptical, and I thought at the time it was a bad move, and I will sit here and say for the record I WAS WRONG!

So here’s to a memorable 2011, and here’s to 12 in 12!
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