Here we go gang Game 7

I can’t begin to express the gambit of emotions I am going through.  Last night was the lowest of lows and the highest of highs, and in the end the St Louis Cardinals, as they’ve done all year battled back from the brink of elimination to win a “must win” game.  I can’t tell you how much I probably woke my upstairs neighbors, but hey how often do we get to experience this right?  I can handle a WS every 5 years though, that would be okay with me I am not greedy.  Okay maybe I’m a little greedy, but tonight’s game is for all the marbles…the whole shooting gallery…the whole kittenkabootle etc…

But let’s talk about last night.  First off, hats off to the hometown hero a one Mr. David Freese.  Now I’m going to start by saying that in no way in a game of this magnitude is there any excuse to drop a pop fly on the infield (use two hands boys), but you know what he had alot of company last night as the errors made this game at times “unwatchable”.  But it went from unwatchable to “instant classic”, and for those of us that stayed up and watched the whole thing, or those of you that were fortunate enough to be there in person (I’m jealous of you all by the way), we were treated to the biggest roller coaster ride ever.  Six Flags had nothing on Game Six! And for the masses that left early, shame on you!  But this is not a negative post, so we won’t dwell on that.  Hats off also go out to the skipper, who took alot of heat for the way Game 5 was handled.  He more than made up for it, and clearly out managed Ron Washington.  I remember thinking when the game went to the 11th, that this was clearly in the favor of the Cardinals.  The Rangers were trotting out and running out of bullpen pitchers, while the Cardinals had Jake Westbrook, who as a starter could have probably pitched into the wee hours.  And by the way, I have to give MAJOR kudos to Westbrook for keeping his sinker working and got out the 11th unscathed.  I just remember telling my wife, that this game was ours.  I, of course didn’t expect it to end with one swing of the bat by David Freese but that’s fine.  I loved the call by Joe Buck too, “we’ll see you tomorrow night” in honor of his father the late, great Jack Buck! I know alot of people bash Joe Buck because he talked about the Rangers alot, but what’s he supposed to do it’s a National audience he has too.  But if you heard him on the local radio this morning, you could tell he loved the outcome and the fact that the Cardinals are now just one win away from their 11th title (11in11).  I am not going to pile on guys like Matt Holliday or Rafael Furcal or Jon Jay, again this is a positive blog, but I will say that I am glad the young Adron Chambers gets a chance to potentially do something on the grandest stage of all, and I hope for Matt Holliday’s sake he can recover from the injury that clearly has him in tons of pain.  I like the chemistry this teams shows, and I just can’t help but think that this one is “Written in the Stars” as TBS likes to sing it.  This team, without one of baseball’s best pitchers in Adam Wainwright, fought back from 10.5 back on August 25th to where they are today.  By the way August 25th, happens to be my late mom’s birthday, ironic that Fox also shows all those Stand Up To Cancer ads which is what took my mom.  So I can’t help but think that this is destiny, and this time tomorrow the St Louis Cardinals will be your World Series Champions!

We can focus on all of the other stuff after wards, the whole “is this the last time Albert Pujols bats in a Cardinals uniform” crap can wait  I still think he’s staying by the way.  And the future looks bright with the likes of Allen Craig, and David Freese along side the vets.  By the way I can’t help but think of all the haters out there (Brewers, Reds and Cubs fans), who are now magically turned into Texas Rangers fans.  All I can say is “sorry for your luck”.  Tonight Chris Carpenter will hopefully pitch the Cardinals to victory, Rally Squirrel and Torty Craig and the likes will flood the downtown streets of St. Louis and the party will continue until Spring Training.  So let’s get ’em Redbirds, and Cardinals Nation I look forward to cheering and screaming right alongside you!


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