Brewers here we come, be careful what you say in August T-Plush

First off mad mad mad props to the entire St Louis Cardinals but let’s face it, last night’s performance was all about this man!

That, folks is the look of a bulldog, an ace, a guy who was flat out dominating last night! In pitching the Cardinals to a 1-0 deciding Game 5 victory and putting the Cardinals into the NLCS vs our old buddies the Milwaukee Brewers. All I have to say is GET READY! Earlier in the season Nyjer “T-Plush” Morgan, opened his big fat mouth and stated the Cardinals would be watching the Brewers in the playoffs.  You should be careful what you say Plush, but here comes your worst nightmare! Make no mistake about it, and no matter what you hear, the Cardinals wanted the Brewers! And they wanted them bad! I have to give very mad respect to the Philadelphia Phillies.  They could have coasted after coasting to the NL East title, and laid down in that last series vs the Atlanta Braves.  But they didn’t, they played the game like they did the other 159 prior to that series, and in doing so bounced the Braves from postseason consideration and getting the Cardinals in.  That turned out to be kind of the Phillies undoing because the Cardinals were coming in hot and the Braves weren’t.  And that hot St Louis Cardinals team came to play and by taking the best of 5 (two of which were in Philadelphia) vs one of, if not the best rotation in the big leagues.  To beat this team, took a heckuva an effort from everyone.  The fact that Chris Carpenter went toe to toe with his good friend Roy Halladay was one for the ages.  The fact that he was able to make an early 1-0 lead hold up, the fact that the defense was nails last night (Yadi gunning Chase Utley out on a stolen base attempt and Rafael Furcal with probably the save of the game with a shot up the middle that he got spun and threw a runner out). Oh and my condolences to all of you so called “experts”, I’m looking at you guys at ESPN and to an extent some of you at MLB Network who said it would be a Phillies-Giants NLCS. Who said it would be a Phillies-Red Sox World Series etc…. To all of you I say TAKE THAT! The hottest team in the Majors right now is our St Louis Cardinals and they are on a mission.  Next step is to eliminate the team they have had in their cross hairs for awhile now and that’s the Milwaukee Brewers.  I know the Brewers have home field, but let’s look at the facts shall we? The Cardinals and Brewers split the season series 9-9. The Brewers won the division by 6 games, how many games did the Cardinals bullpen (mainly Ryan Franklin) blow again? You do the math.  And momentum is a huge thing this time of year.  We got all of that going, and Busch Squirrel and Torty Craig to boot.  And the Cardinals realize that this is still not over yet and they handled it alot better than T-Plush with his tirade of F-BOMBS.  Can you tell I want to see the Cardinals run through this guy?  But it still speaks volumes that the two teams in the NLCS come from the Central division, not the vaunted NL East, but the “lowly” NL Central.  Oh and the Cardinals did it WITHOUT ADAM WAINWRIGHT, think about that experts when deciding who will win next year, but I’m getting ahead of myself.  So the Cardinals are 8 wins away from the vaunted 11 wins in 11 for the 11th title.  It’s down to business Sunday at Miller Park, and I have my playoff beard going much to the dismay of the Mrs.  But hey this is important.  I have a former friend, who is a huge Milwaukee Brewers honk, and HATES THE CARDINALS! In fact the reason our friendship dissolved is because he made it personal, when talking baseball and nothing would give me pleasure than to picture his reaction when the Cardinals eliminate the Brewers.  Not that we talk but I’m just visualizing him now and it makes me smile.  It’s just too bad that the series is relegated to TBS again, and not the FOX network (they get the ALCS because they expected it to be a Yankees-Red Sox finals probably).  Now I have mad respect for the teams on the American League side and expect that to be a good series and whoever comes out of the American League will be a true and deserving champion.  But for the next week or so it’s all about Cardinals vs Brewers, the first time two teams that previously met in the World Series face off in a league championship series. And to me a repeat of the results from 1982 is all that matters.  So let’s get these guys and shut up T-Plush and his beast mode permanently! And yes we still have at least two more games with Albert Pujols in the home white uniform for the St. Louis Cardinals!


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