Come down from the ledge, all ye doubters

Look it’s ONE loss, yes it was a bad display by the bullpen after Kyle Lohse lost his mo-jo. But the fact is that the loss was not more than ONE loss.  For those who were tweeting rubbish like “the series is over” need to come down from the ledge.

Three things came out of the game today: A) Roy Halladay is one of the best, if not THE best pitcher in baseball and that game could have been 4-3 and it would still be just ONE loss.  B)The Phillies bullpen is just as shaky as the Cardinals bullpen, and the Cardinals bats showed that in a close game if they get to that bullpen anything is possible, and finally C)This series is far from over! The look on Chris Carpenter’s face when they showed him in the dugout, was the look of the bulldog we all love and look forward to taking the mound tomorrow night. Yes, I know his opponent is Cliff Lee, and he’s a workhorse pitcher too.  But this team, which came back from 10.5 games can surely come back from down one game to the Phillies.

So let’s be honest, you all know that if the Cardinals leave Philadelphia with a split this loss will be forgotten and those that jumped off the bandwagon will be right back on it. And hands up who wouldn’t take that coming back to St. Louis, for the record my hand is way way up!  My only concerns are the injury to Matt Holliday, as I’m hearing that hand of his is not well.  Also I don’t know if Rafael Furcal’s fully healthy, I was convinced he was when he stole second base back in the first inning, but his defense was well a little slow.

So on to game two, with Chris Carpenter on the mound.  I do think I’ll be watching the game muted so I don’t have to listen to Bob Brenly’s love fest with the Phillies.  If I’m going to listen to bias announcers, my money is on Mike Shannon and John Rooney.  I say, let’s get this go home tied 1-1 and make this a best of three series and remember that there are 12 other National League teams and their fan bases that would LOVE to be down 1-0 in the playoffs right now because that means that they are THERE. I mean how much pleasure does it give all of us in Cardinals Nation that DATDUDEBP and his Reds and the Cubs are at home watching on TV.


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