Still some room for optimism and here’s why.

Look I’m not one to say that the Cardinals are out of it, or going to overcome the uphill climb that they have before them.  And with two losses (Thur vs the Mets and last night vs the Cubs), dampening my and most all of our spirits to the point of just plain giving up.  Coupled with the fact that the Brewers are now the NL Central Champions, although I’m going on record and stating this is a one and done team when they lose Prince Fielder next year.  Just my opinion, of course.

So that brings us to today’s, well less than attractive win vs the Cubs.  But hey you have ugly losses (back to Thursday), why not an ugly win right? So it was ugly, so the only two runs by the Cardinals were because Cubs closer Carlos Marmol couldn’t find the plate if you drew him a road map to it.  So what.  It’s a win, and in our Nation’s Capitol the Washington Nationals were helping the Cardinals cause by beating the Atlanta Braves 4-1. Now I must say that one of my nephews is a HUGE Braves fan and he’s been saying stuff like Braves tomahawk the Cardinals and stuff like that.  And of course I have to take it, because in fact the Cardinals are still the chasers in this whole playoff hunt.  But still here’s why I’m optimistic.

First off, this ugly win and the return of Matt Holliday to the lineup, may just be what the Birds needed.  They looked lethargic last night, and in front of the home crowd the fans deserve better.  They looked almost like they had mailed it in, and started planning their vacation.  Even today through 8 innings they couldn’t dent the Cubs pitching.  And they had opportunities no doubt about it.  But the fact is that at the end of the day, it’s a Win coupled with a Braves Loss and that’s all that matters on the scoreboard and in the standings.  They don’t put an asterisk next to your wins that are ugly.  Heck if they did that, can you imagine how many asterisks we’d see for the ugly losses too?  My point is this, the climb is still a tough one but the Cardinals win tomorrow, and the Braves lose tomorrow and the Cards are back to one game back with 3 to play.  Now the team goes on the road to Houston for the last three, while the Braves host the Phillies.  But I’m thinking this is a good thing, the pressure is on Atlanta to win at home like the Cardinals are dealing with now.  Can you imagine how the Braves fans are going to react when the Phillies come to town.  And from what I’m hearing the Phils are not “backing” in, they’re bringing their staff (Lee game one for sure vs Atlanta).  See and the Cardinals, well they are the chasers and they are on the road.  Away from the distractions of the home fans, and maybe this will be a bonding of sorts.  Not to mention the Astros, are not a very good team.  I say it now, if the Cardinals win tomorrow and the Braves lose tomorrow, and if this is a one game deficit heading to the last series of the season.  I’m saying it right here for all to read, the Cardinals WILL TAKE THE WILD CARD SPOT AWAY FROM THE BRAVES. 


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