Don’t look now but here we come (1.5 and closing)

I don’t know about you all, but I’m PUMPED! Finally this team that was able to knock off the upper echelon teams, and upper echelon pitchers (Milwaukee/Philadelphia/Atlanta & Roy Halladay to name a few) yet would struggle vs non contending teams that the Cardinals have never faced.  Well finally that did not happen at Busch Stadium in front of 40,000 plus Wednesday night. The Cardinals are now a season high 17 games over .500 at 86-69 and right there on the doorstep.  Strap yourselves in Cardinals fans, it’s gonna be an exciting last 7 games.

Jaime Garcia, while was off, was able to keep the Birds close enough to get his 13th win and the Cardinals  had another magical 7th inning rally.  Just like Tuesday when the Cardinals erupted for 6 runs to win, managed a measly 3 runs but oh what wonderful 3 runs they were.  Home town boy David Freese’s 3 run blast in the 7th inning gave the Cards the 6-4 lead (I’ll forgive him his 11th error of the year, as well as Furcal’s 13th error) and the bullpen held on to get the 6-5 win.  I’ll also forgive Jason Motte for giving up a home run in the bottom of the 9th, but it wouldn’t be a save situation if the Cardinals pen did not make it interesting right?  But nonetheless, the Cardinals win, coupled by the Atlanta 4-0 loss to the Florida Marlins got the Cardinals as close as they’ve been to a playoff spot in a long long time.  And getting to the young hurler for the Mets, which for a bit proved to be futile, in fact he left the game with the lead was sweet to see.  And just like that we are talking serious playoff push.  The Cardinals are also only one loss behind the Braves on the loss side, and that’s huge.  So kudos to the Cardinals for not flat lining, showing some life and showing that they are still alive and kicking for that Wild Card birth.  You notice I didn’t say division title, I have given in to the fact that the Brewers will still win the N L Central.   So tomorrow it’s Jake Westbrook towing the rubber for the good guys, before the Cubbies invade Busch over the weekend.  I, for one am so glad, because the thought of playoff baseball w/o the Cardinals is something I don’t want to think about.  All those playoff commercials still got me excited that our beloved St. Louis Cardinals will be in the dance.  And, hey once in it’s anyone’s game, and I’ll still take my chances with this team and the veteran’s that are on it.  If this is truly Albert Pujols’s last year as a Cardinal (I’m not giving up on that mind you), at least he is going out fighting for a spot in the playoffs.  So tomorrow’s day game at Busch should be exciting, and hopefully the results will show at day’s end the Cardinals on a 5 game winning streak, and even closer to the Braves. Notice I didn’t use the “S” word in relationship to what this win would mean, I don’t want to jinx what’s been a good run.  So “LET’S GET THIS!”

Oh and I’d love to talk to the FOX Game announcers, not the Fox Sports Midwest, but FOX announcers, who not so long ago said that if the Cardinals caught anyone for a playoff spot it would be a “MIRACLE“.

Oh Really?

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One Response to Don’t look now but here we come (1.5 and closing)

  1. Cardinal70 says:

    To be fair, 10.5 is a huge deficit and the way this team played in July and August didn't make it seem like they could sustain anything.Add a better run with a faltering Braves team and, well, miracles do happen!

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