My open apology to Allen Craig

I would like to take this opportunity to formally apologize to one Allen Craig.   I was very hard on Mr. Craig with his less than clutch performances of late.  But in a game that was MUST needed, as the Braves lost earlier to the Mets, and allowed the Cardinals to get within 3.5 of the Wild Card.  More importantly they are 3 back in the loss column.  With one week left in the regular season, at least there is still that “fainting” light I wrote about, but it’s not out at least not yet.

But let’s start at the beginning, and it begins with Chris Carpenter.  Carp was on his game tonight going 8 IP of shut out ball, he was in control all night and even when the Phillies got a hit Carpenter was able to induce the Phils to ground into a DP’s.  Not to be left out of the proceedings was Albert Pujols, his first inning bomb and if you didn’t see it well it was just that a BOMB. No doubt about it, and now the Cardinals are 7-2 in games in which Albert homers and Carpenter pitches.  I’m glad we will have the services of Chris Carpenter next year, and I’d like to say to Bobby Valentine (ESPN analyst on the game tonight) to SHUT THE HECK UP! When asked if Albert would return next year he said NO so fast it was almost as if he said it before the question was finished being asked.  This is the same guy who said not so long ago that Albert WOULD be back. So Bobby, why don’t you get your stories straight.  I appreciate that you said the Cardinals would pass the Braves to claim the Wild Card, but keep your opinions about who the Cardinals do and donnot sign to yourself please, and thank you.  So tomorrow the Cards and Phils go at it for the last time this year, unless they meet in the post season, and who do they face you ask? Simple they face potential Cy Young Candidate Roy Halladay.  But if you would have told me the Cardinals would have gotten a split in Philadelphia, I’d probably take that.  So let’s just hope the Cardinals come out tomorrow loose enough, yet ready to play.  I don’t expect a lot vs Halladay, but that’s why they play the game right? So here’s to Kyle Lohse having his A game, and here’s also to Atlanta going to Florida and continuing to struggle.  The light’s not out just yet Cardinals fans.  As I was reminded yesterday, to think back 1964, I am channeling my inner comeback as I type this.  I encourage you all to join me.  Too bad the St Louis Football Rams will sadly not be getting my undivided attention tomorrow, there’s always next week for that.  So go get ’em Redbirds.


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