Just like that your heart rips out a little more

Man, this team sure knows how to tug on our heart strings wouldn’t you agree Cardinals fans? I mean, here we were yesterday feeling all good about things, the Cardinals had just swept Atlanta and were on a 5 game winning streak.  Here we were inching closer to a playoff spot, even though it was still an uphill climb, they were in the discussion. Here we are watching Atlanta, lose to Florida and the Cardinals now 3.5 back of the Wild Card. What’s that you say? The Cardinals lost to Pittsburgh?!?!?!? Say it isn’t so…..oh it’s so alright! Yes the St Louis Cardinals fresh off what was a nice home stand in which they only lost to Milwaukee once and showed the rest of the National League that they weren’t going away, they did exactly what alot of us feared. They went to Pittsburgh, a team they SHOULD BEAT, and laid a big fat egg!

It’s also the way they lost, I mean how many times must we hear about the record setting GIDP’s? How many times must we see them make base running gaffes? How many times must Kyle Lohse struggle, yes it was considered a quality start, but come on 100 pitches by 6 innings and his location was not exactly spot on. And of course the bullpen, oh that wonderful bullpen that we were beginning to believe in let the lead get away.  I won’t talk about managerial moves, although when Tony manages like this or I should say MICRO-manages it usually bites him in the backside.  Why not let Motte pitch for the 4 out save? Why the pitching changes for matchups when a pitcher is doing well. Why not let McClellan go out for a 2nd inning of work, after all he was groomed as a starter at the beginning of the season, surely he can go 2 innings? Why not guard the lines on the play that ended up being the game winning run? I mean, you let a guy with 23 career at bats beat you? Pedro Ciriaco? Who is that? He’s an unknown batter with 23 career at bats and he teed off on Salas, again on a play where there was nobody guarding the lines. But still if Scrabble does his job in the first place it doesn’t come to that, but oh well.  And then why on God’s green Earth is Corey Patterson the Cardinals last hope? Haven’t we seen enough of him, you brought up guys from the minors, you had on your bench Tony Cruz who has shown he can at least hit the ball. No, we get Corey “THE WHIFF” Patterson who swings wildly at anything thrown his way.  I’m sorry guys, but I am through seeing Corey Patterson, at least not in that situation.  Let him bat in an 11-0 romp where he can choke and we won’t notice, or care. I mean Shane Robinson, who Patterson pinch hit for, could have done that.  I’m sorry but this game just left me all sorts of angry, so much so that I had to wait until this morning to prevent from using colorful expletives. But the good news is the Cardinals didn’t lose ground on Atlanta, the bad news is they could have “GAINED” ground, which with time running out is vital that the Cardinals do, every chance they get. So Carpenter is on the mound tonight, and we can only hope that he is the bulldog he normally is, fresh off his contract extension. We can only hope that the Cardinals don’t have their heads up their backsides and remember that they are chasing the teams ahead, not the other way around.  And they can only hope for a miracle out of the Florida Marlins, which is a tall task considering the Braves have to realize they were just given a reprieve last night and they may not make the same mistake again.  So here’s to getting back in the hunt Cardinals fans.


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