Can you guys feel it?

I’ll repeat what I said last night, it’s still an uphill climb but if the Cardinals take care of their business and keep winning and let the chips fall where they may.

Having said that, and of course emotions can change with a loss, but I am sensing a vibe with this team now. They say you can’t flip a switch and turn it on, but the Cardinals have seemed to do just that.  They took the first two from Wild Card leading Atlanta with tonight’s win, and coupled with the recent struggles of the Milwaukee Brewers the Cardinals are if nothing else making it known in both team’s rear view mirrors this. We are still here and we may not be dead just yet. Jaime Garcia pitched just effective enough to get his 12th win of the year (12-7), he got just enough offense from the Cardinals bats and then the pen (Scrabble, Salas and Motte) held it down in front of a lot of happy fans at Busch Stadium.  Being the day before the 9-11 going silent from blogging, I just want to say a big ole THANK YOU to the troops that fight for our freedom and remember those that paid the ultimate price 10 years ago tomorrow.  It was nice to see several military folks in the stands, and the home team let them go home happy. Well unless they were Atlanta Braves fans.  So the Cardinals have clawed their way to within 5.5 games of the Wild Card and will go for the (I won’t say the “S” word) victory that would put them 4.5 back.  Again I said it last night, I’ll take my chances, provided the Cardinals continue to play with the urgency they have been playing with, knowing that it’s pretty much win win win.  Time is running out and the Cardinals cannot afford to let up, and that being with upcoming games against the Phillies and teams the Cardinals “should” beat.  Let’s hope they continue this kind of play, and again let the rest play itself out, you can only take care of your business Redbirds.

Again downtown tomorrow should be a great place to be, with the Cardinals at Busch Stadium and just a few blocks North the St Louis Rams kick off their 2011 season with the Philadelphia Eagles in town.  I can’t remember a time when there was this much excitement as a St. Louis sports fan.  I, for one will be wearing out my remote control tomorrow. So get ’em Cardinals, and go get ’em Rams and make St. Louis proud tomorrow.  And GOD BLESS THE USA!

Really (Proud to be an American)

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