Gumbo or Dumbo or whatever

Look I will admit it, this is the year for the Brewers to win the NL Central.  It’s all but over, and we all know it.  But I am here to address what I believe is what almost all of Cardinals Nation wants to say. And that’s, that Nyjer Morgan or Tony Gumbo or Dumbo or whatever the moron wants to call himself is, and that’s a clown. A fraud, hey dumbo when you were losing with teams like the Pirates, where was your alter ego then? And what’s this putting your arms out? I picture my dad when I was a kid telling me he caught a fish and it was “THIS BIG”.  As much as I hate the Brewers, I have respect for certain aspects of their players.  Look at Prince Fielder, even on a ground out he hustles all the way to first, even though he will probably be thrown out. Not that I want to take shots at Albert, but winning is contagious and when all is going good for a club things like that stand out.  I also want to point out something to all of the “Brewers fans” that have shown up all over the place.  Kind of like the Reds fans did last year, sound familiar? I would just like to point out something, history is still on the side of the St Louis Cardinals.  I’ll still take my chances next year, better than you Brewers fans when you lose Prince Fielder to greener bucks and pastures.  And to Dumbo or Gumbo or whoever you are, next year when you are on a mediocre team again, well will you be so colorful?

I am of the mind set that Nyjer Morgan’s 15 minutes of fame will end in the post season, hopefully. And next year when the stars align themselves and the Cardinals win the NL Central in 2012, he’ll just go away.


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