It’s just a game

On a night when the theme was thanking the Troops, and a loss in a baseball game puts into perspective what is more important in life.  And that’s, that we have men and women over in the Middle East in harms way every single day.

Seeing the troops as they watched the game, and how Fox Sports Midwest allowed us the fans on twitter and those that have texting capabilities to send the troops messages throughout the game was in a word awesome! It was so cool to see both my tweets, my wifes and several of my friends on twitter get their messages seen across the bottom of the screen.

While I am very angry that the Cardinals grabbed missed opporunity from the jaws of momentum, or should I say the Cardinals hurlers, it does not compare to people dying in a far off land to protect my and everyone else’s freedom to express this anger.  And as a proud American, as well as an avid Cardinals fan, it filled me with pride to see all the outpouring to our military in the way we all did tonight.  Being a former military myself, but one that got out long before we became such a target for radical idealists who wish to do us all harm, I can honestly say that I have never been more proud to be an American than recently.  This country rose up from the ashes of a devastating terrorist attack, which has led to our fighting folks having to go to a land where there next move could be there last.  I sincerely hope that some day this will be a distant memory, and all who proudly serve are home safely with their loved ones.  But being that, that day seems a ways off at least we can show them the support such as was shown tonight on TV.  It’s still just a game, and as I was busy cursing at my TV and saying colorful expletives on twitter aimed at the likes of Kyle McClellan, Rzyp…scrabble, Arthur Rhodes etc…it is still just a game.  A game that was needed badly after the momentum of the sweep in Milwaukee put the Cardinals back on the radar or at least partially for a sliver of a shot at a playoff spot.  The loss tonight probably was the air coming out of the balloon, and even though the bats showed up tonight, the defense (yes you Ryan Theriot) and pitching let the home folks down.  Where I’d like to be optimistic, after all the Cardinals still have 3 games next week vs the Brewers. And if, a big IF, but if Houston were to take care of business this weekend and the Birds pitching can pull it’s heads out of it’s “you know where”, well there’s still hope.  Not much but some.  So on a night when the most important thing was not the scoreboard, or the standings, but those brave souls who are putting it on the line several miles from home. I’d like to say THANK YOU!


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