Buying into this?

Well how “sweep” it was today at Miller Park! Nice to see the Cardinals have not completely folded up the tents and headed off into the sunset of the offseason.  While I’m not ready yet to buy into this recent streak, it is nice that it gives Cardinals Nation somewhat of a glimmer of hope.  The sweep of the N L Central leading Brewers pulled the Cardinals to within 7.5 games and with 3 more remaining vs the Brew Crew, anything is possible I suppose. 

Finally Albert Pujols was able to get some hits, HR’s and RBI’s in clutch situations and now is inching closer to the .300 avg and 100 rbi’s that he’s done every year as a pro.  I still think it can be done, and if anyone can do it, it’s Albert.  It was nice to see the breaks go the Cardinals way this series, and nice to see the Brewers radical fans (one in particular who we got to see numerous times on FSMW) look all bummed out.  Relax Brewers fans, you’ll probably still win the division.  But how nice is it to think that if the Cardinals can cut into that lead, even a little bit the upcoming series next week at Busch could REALLY mean something! Again, anything is possible in the mad mad world of Major League Baseball.  Hey if the Brewers can go Super Nova hot, why can’t the Cardinals? I’ve said it before, on paper these teams are not as far apart as the standings would indicate.  And a few bounces the right way and a nice winning streak could make this a race by season’s end.  We shall see.  As for now with the Reds coming to town and Carpenter on the mound vs everyone’s favorite Karate Kid wanna be Johnny Cueto, here’s to a win a possible Brewers loss and who knows.  I’d like to buy into this, but I’m cautiously optimistic but willing to cheer loudly should the Birds make a comeback of (as ESPN puts it) miraculous proportions.  Bring on the Reds!


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