My Interview With Nick (Pitchers Hit Eighth)

Recently I had a Q&A with Nick from Pitchers Hit Eighth and below is that Q&A

1. What first got you interested in blogging?

I moved in the summer of 2006 from an area where I could watch most of the games on television to an area that carried none of the games locally. I watched the ’06 Series win obviously on national TV and then lost touch with the club again a bit in 2007. In May of 2008, I decided to buy the package to watch the games, and figured that I might as well do something to make the expense for that subscription worthwhile… PH8 was created essentially as a way to keep me engaged with the Cardinals and make sure I was getting my money’s worth out of by forcing me to watch the games.

> 2. If this is the last year with Tony LaRussa as the Cardinals manager, who would you like to see take over?

I’ve long held an admiration for Joe Maddon, but he’s obviously already employed. I don’t think that it will be Jose Oquendo, just in terms of the Cards job being a bit of a more high-profile, not necessarily “first-timer” kind of position. While the usual retreads don’t particularly appeal to me either, I never rule out a surprising pull by the Cards front office – maybe a Bobby Valentine or Bob Brenly? Not necessarily advocating either of those, just a couple of names that might be on the top of managerial hire lists.

> 3. Where were you in 2006 when the Cardinals won the World Series?

As briefly mentioned above, I had moved and wasn’t able to be in a place with a lot of other Cardinal fans – so I watched from the couch in my living room. My girlfriend (now wife) had yet to truly appreciate the Cardinals and was completely uninterested in watching ANOTHER baseball game, so I watched alone on the couch. I yelled, I cheered, I teared up a bit after the last pitch. What an incredible experience, even from afar. Always fun to watch your team win it all. If only they could’ve done it in 2004 when I was actually at a game…

> 4. Besides a post season memory, what’s your favorite Cardinals memory?

This was actually a UCB project two summers ago, and I’d say my favorite memory is probably the last one on this post:

Being able to attend a World Series game with my dad was an incredible experience that I hope we both get the chance to do again.

> 5. And lastly, do you think the Rams will win the NFC West and why?

Sure, why not? I mean, there’s certainly no runaway favorite, so 8 wins could well win the division again. The expectation of Rams management is clearly to keep improving, and they have taken steps to stay on that path. Improvement over 2010 would mean 9 or 10 wins, which might well win the division by several games. The key will be how quickly players can get up to full speed after losing so much time to the lockout in the off-season.
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