11 in 11

This has been the war cry throughout the season as we the many fans of Cardinal Nation were excited at the thought of the 11th World Series Championship in 2011.  As the season fades to a writhing and very disappointing end, and as the Cardinals continue to repeatedly disappoint the fans that love this team.  That mantra has a new meaning, as in eventually 11 games back in 2011.  The only thing that avoided that reality today was a very rare Milwaukee loss (2-0 to Pittsburgh).  Isn’t it funny how how the Pirates can beat the Brewers when the Cardinals can’t.  Isn’t it funny that the Brewers can completely shut down the Dodgers bats and they went ballistic vs the Cardinals the past two nights (22 runs over two games).

Now, I know that the Brewers will probably win this division and by double digits too.  That is unless the Reds get hot, or the Cardinals do what they seem to do every year they’re out of it and that’s get hot with nothing to gain.  Remember last year they went hot, but after the Reds had clinched.  Oh sure, we felt wow this is what they’re capable of but why don’t they do that when it really counted.  As we all on twitter and facebook like to say “SMH”.  To me this team is too good to look so lousy, and yet here we are with barely over 5 weeks to go and the Cardinals are closer to 4th place than 1st and barely closer to 5th place than 1st (10 back of 1st and 10.5 back of the 5th place Cubs)  To me this team has mailed it in, and that is very unfair to the thousands that go through the turnstyles at Busch Stadium, and call themselves Cardinals fans.  This team owes it to the people who actually pay their salary, and thats the hard working fans who shell out big bucks to go to games and buy the merchandise to play like they give a damn! If I was a player on this team, I would not want to look myself in the mirror with this kind of play.  They have not done themselves proud at all.  Again this team has too much veteran leadership to just chuck it in.  And that goes for the skipper, it’s almost like he’s giving the Cardinals fans the “bird” with his antics.  It’s like he’s in the mindset of “I’m Tony LaRussa, future HOF’r and if you don’t like it, too bad!” I have been a big time supporter of the skipper, but I am ready for him to ride off into the sunset.  A change is needed, and a manager that will not be so confrontational after a loss, or who will not jump down someone’s throat for asking what we fans want to know. Like why in the heck do you take out Chris Carpenter at 99 pitches for hitting a batter, yet you leave in a Kyle Lohse for hitting several Dodgers bats with horrible pitches.  Yes fans, change is most definitely need so maybe the theme next year could be 11 in 12.


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