Is it time to cash it in?

I am like all of Cardinals Nation, and would like to think the season is not over.  I would like to think that the Milwaukee Brewers can’t stay this hot, and that the Cardinals still have a run in them.  My heart tells me this, but logically I think it’s almost that time.  The variety of ways that the Cardinals lose, and the teams that they are losing lately just makes it so hard to see the glass half full.  But I will try my best.

First off, this team is still too doggone talented to be playing like this.  There has yet to be a stretch where Matt Holliday, Albert Pujols and Lance Berkman have all been hot at the same time and I just can’t believe they will go 162 games without one such stretch.  They still have Yadier Molina at Catcher. They still have Chris Carpenter and Jaime Garcia, and even Edwin Jackson can pitch he just needs a little more consistency and run support. They still have now got solid middle infield help with the trade for Furcal from the Dodgers.  You can love him or hate him, but they still have a solid proven winning manager in Tony La Russa. And lastly they still have 36 games to go.

But the fact is that unless this team gets consistent, and quits finding ways to lose they will not catch the Brewers even if the Brewers do finally come back down to Earth. 

Today’s loss to the Cubs was just so frutstrating as once again the Cardinals made a pitcher look like the best pitcher in all of baseball.  And they failed to give a starter, once again, any run support.  Does this team look like they’ve almost mailed it in? I would like to think the veteran leadership on this team would not allow that.  I still maintain that the Cardinals are not almost 8 games worse than the Milwaukee Brewers, but at this moment they just are not playing like they are.  I am not ready to cash it in yet, but time is not on the St Louis Cardinals side and urgency if it has not set in yet certainly needs to.  What say you Cardinals Nation, is it time to call it a season and start paying attention to the team that plays a few blocks North of Busch yet?  I’d like to say No, but the Cardinals need to do a better job of convincing me.


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