An open letter to the execs of MLB Network and ESPN

With all the melee that is the MLB trade deadline, you’d think that the only two teams in the National League are the Philadelphia Phillies and the San Francisco Giants.  This is based on the trade deadline and other coverage done by these two networks.  I felt obligated as a Cardinals fan to send this mythical letter to the pundits at those particular networks.  Granted they will never actually READ this letter, it just helps me to keep from screaming!

Dear MLB Network and ESPN,

Over the past few days your coverage of the MLB trade deadline and other subsequent coverage has, if you were not aware, made viewers think that the only two teams that exist in the National League are the Philadelphia Phillies and the San Francisco Giants! What makes me say this you ask? Well I’m glad you did, because the explanation is simple, they’re all you talk about!  Even when Albert Pujols, of another National League team, the St. Louis Cardinals was getting his 2000th career hit what was your network(s) doing? Well simply put you were pouring a love fest on the Giants for landing former Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran, and the Phillies for landing former Houston Astros OF Hunter Pence.  I mean here’s a potential HOF baseball player getting his 2000th career hit and when I flipped to your respective networks you all were pondering the  “eventual” National League Championship tale of the tape between the Phillies and the Giants!  You even went so far as to show Carlos Beltran’s first attempt to catch a fly ball, while Albert Pujols was rounding first base and heading to second with his career hit in front of the sellout crowd at Busch Stadium and the many of us watching it on our local Fox Sports Midwest Channel.  But again you guys only seem to care that Carlos Beltran caught a fly ball! As for ESPN, all I’ve heard on both TV and Radio is the eventual matchup of the Phils and Giants! I guess the rest of the National League might as well just go ahead and clear out their lockers and start their vacation early, because as you all put it this is a two team fight to get to the World Series! Hey geniuses, do you remember 2006? Now am I going to sit here and say right now that the Cardinals are going to the playoffs, let alone the World Series. No, I’m not, but the way you all make it look, the Cardinals are light years behind the big two (SF-Phi) and it would be an absolute miracle if one of those two “juggernauts” fell.  Look the Giants and Phillies are very good and made themselves better obviously. But I dare you to tell me that if the Cardinals make the right moves, with a nucleus of Albert Pujols, Matt Holliday, Lance Berkman, David Freese, Yadier Molina, Jon Jay, Chris Carpenter, Jaime Garcia, newly added Edwin Jackson and some defensive and bullpen help, that they are really that far back from the other two franchises.

I’ll take my chances with these guys, Thank You Very Much.

I’ll take a matchup vs either of those teams in a short series and take my chances folks.  If, and I say if the Cardinals do happen to falter, it won’t be because they are that out manned.  In a short series with Carpenter, Garcia, Jackson and if either Westbrook or Lohse is hot enough, I’ll take that staff even vs the daunted Giants or Phillies starters.  And I’ll take the Cardinals offense vs the Giants or Phils offense as well.  The problems that the Cardinals have had, have come from pourous defense and a bad bullpen, both of which as of this writing I believe will be fixed come October.  Now of course I am not discounting my fellow NL Central rivals (Brewers, Pirates and yes the Reds still), but it’s my opinion the Cardinals have set themselves up to win this year, not sure what to think about 2012 but that’s along way off.  So in closing, so called “experts” at MLB Network and ESPN, this is not just a TWO TEAM RACE FOR THE NATIONAL LEAGUE PENNANT!

Respectfully Yours,

Robert Darnell and all of Cardinal Nation

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One Response to An open letter to the execs of MLB Network and ESPN

  1. Nicole says:

    It's true. Great blog post! 🙂

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