It’s gotta be the SOCKS money!!!! Oh and Matt Holliday’s swing

What a relief that is!!!! Finally with a losing streak that has had all of Cardinals Nation scratching their collective heads, it’s over.  With one swing of the mighty Matt Holliday’s bat, the longest losing streak of the season is over.  Personally I would like to take credit for watching a certain Saturday Night Live skit on my YouTube when Holliday blasted that game winning home run in the 8th, but I don’t have that much power.  Or we could lay claim that in fact it was those ungodly, old time socks that certain players were sporting.  Who cares what it was, the fact is that the Cardinals were due. 

Unlike last night when your former Cy Young Winning pitcher, only gives up one walk and to have that walk come back to bite him because a Gold Glove winning first baseman commits an error to allow that run to score.  Well it’s just not meant to be.  Tonight’s game felt different from the get go.  Cardinals starting pitcher Jake Westbrook did what was desperately needed tonight, he went deep into the game allowing the bullpen to not overwork itself.  He actually had solid defense behind him tonight, Ryan Theriot (one of those sporting those “socks”) made some key plays in the field.  And even when Alex Gordon gunned Theriot out at the plate, and subsequently followed it with what looked like the winning home run for the Royals.  Well you just couldn’t help think, not this time, not this game.  As I sat at J-Bucks with fellow Cardinals fans, as an arranged tweetup and watched and scarfed down my very excellent burger.  I couldn’t help think that this time the good guys were gonna win.  We all watched, laughed and yes watched funny videos because it was just fun.  And the most fun part was when Matt Holliday launched that game winning home run.

(Again notice the socks )

  And it was certainly fun when Fernando Salas came in and got a 1-2-3 ninth for his 12th save in 13 opportunities.  Yeah, it was fun to watch this game.

Yes, the Brewers won, and the Cardinals are still a game back in the NL Central.  But hey, tomorrow is another game, as the Cardinals go for the series win.  Jaime Garcia, who has been lights out at Busch Stadium takes the hill vs Danny Duffy (1-2 5.04).  So let’s keep wearing those wonderfully awesome old socks, everyone and keep up the good feelings okay?


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