Carp loses again

Okay this is now on the verge of ridiculous… first off as a person who lived in KC, I have a soft spot for the Royals.  In other words I don’t hate them like I do the Reds, Brewers, Cubs and Astros.  But still I hate losing period to teams that the Cardinals SHOULD be beating.  The Nationals and  Royals of the world are teams that the Cardinals should not be struggling against. 

With that said, and with the losing streak at 7.  This is getting down right UGLY.  And again tonight Chris Carpenter was the victim of late defensive snafu’s that cost him a win.  I don’t want to lay all the blame on Albert on that error, it’s always something when Carp pitches.  Tonight he had a very high pitch count, and at times a very small strike zone.  This combination caused him to leave alot of pitches right over the middle and the Royals hitters capitalized.  Early on the Royals were getting bloop hit after bloop hit, but still you thought okay this is where the losing streak stops.  Ironic that the Cardinals lost on Tony LaRussa’s 5000th game, and tonight they lost on his 2500th game as a Cardinals manager. 

It was very hard to find positives tonight, I mean when you’ve lost seven in a row and find a different way to lose during that streak, well positives are very hard to come by.  But let’s again hear it for Lance Berkman, who’s bases clearing double in the 3rd gave the Cardinals an all to brief 4-3 lead.  Lance is tearing it up, and right now not only is he the obvious front runner for come back player of the year in the National League.  But he’s also a solid contender for NL MVP, as well as MVP of the Cardinals.  So let’s hear it for the signing of Lance, and hope he sticks around after this season.

Secondly let’s hear it for Jon Jay’s defense.  The Cardinals “other” CF, made a catch in the game that made many, myself included wonder if Colby Rasmus is taking notes.  Or if he’s counting his days, because I do believe that Colby is the Cardinals best trade option to get much needed improvements.  The much talked about Colby Rasmus to the Mets for SS Jose Reyes, well let’s say I’m very much in favor of that move Mo….not that you’re listening to me.  The play at SS has been so suspect all year, between Theriot and Tyler Greene, that adding a Reyes to this team gets my vote as a good move.  We shall see, because the bullpen is also in need of help.  With Sanchez now on the DL, I’m worried that the Birds pen is paper thin, and that’s being nice.

So game two of this series Saturday night is a must win now, there’s no other way to put it.  It’s just by the fact that the Brewers and Reds continue to struggle that the Cardinals are not in third place and closer to fourth place right now.  I’m only comforted in the fact that in 2006 the Cardinals went through this twice, and still emerged World Series Champs, and I still think this team can turn it around.  But now is the time to do that, and it falls on Jake Westbrook and his 6-4 record and 5.16 era vs Vin Mazzaro (1-1 10.80 era).  So let’s end the slide, stop the bleeding and all the sayings you want to use to say….get a Win for goodness sakes.


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