There’s winning ugly and then there’s this

Losing UGLY!!!! Okay who’s brainiac idea was it to send down Lance Lynn, and start McClellan withoug rehabbing him at least one start?  Last I checked Lynn has had two solid outings, if you take away the Cardinals crappy defense.  This game was just all sorts of UGLY, I mean how lousy can a team that’s supposed to be a contender look in these last 5 games of the losing streak?  It’s like they find different ways to lose.  In Milwaukee it was due to not being able to hold a lead, whether it was Carp or the lousy bullpen.  Then last night in Washington, well much of the same, the offense scores, the starter pitches his butt off, and the relievers (and calling them relievers is being kind, because Batista and Trever Miller are not worthy of the title or the Birds on the Bat, yet they still earn a paycheck so go figure) blow the game.  This is just absolutely PATHETIC! This is not a first place team, and it sure as heck doesn’t qualify right now as a team fighting for a division or even a Wild Card for that matter.  I love the St Louis Cardinals, but I sure as heck don’t recognize the team I’m seeing on the field right now. 

Tonight’s game was all sorts of pathetic!  Let’s break this down, or at least the major talking points.

First off Albert Pujols is NOT, NOT NOT A THIRD BASEMAN anymore! Tony is going to mess around and blow out the guy’s elbow, and then where will the Cardinals be.  If you want to sign Albert long term, stop running him out to third, he’s your FIRST BASEMAN! And tonight’s two errors by Albert should be enough to show LaRussa that it’s time to quit the Albert to 3rd Base experiment.  You have a third baseman, his name is Daniel Descalso until David Freese comes back. Enough already!

Tyler Greene is a waste of a roster spot, I’m sorry but his AB’s and his defense makes me want to pull my hair out.  Please get rid of this guy!

Kyle McClellan, in his defense he just came off the DL and should probably not have started tonight.  It’s usually a rehab start or two that is the norm, for a guy coming off the DL. Let alone a guy who’s in his first year as a starter.  Bad bad move Tony!  Lance Lynn could have done that tonight, or probably better.

Ryan Franklin, what can I say…. he should be GONE GONE GONE GONE GONE! It’s obvious that Ryan cannot go more than one inning and tonight’s back to back gopher balls if not bad enough, after the first one he gave up to Morse that little grin on his face made me want to reach through my TV and rip his beard off! Ryan, here’s a hint, when you suck act like you give a rats butt and don’t grin about giving up a bomb.  I’ve had enough of his tired act… from my TV I was BOOING! Go ahead Ryan call me what you want, I’ll call you what I want- washed the heck up!

Folks this team is in serious trouble, yes I know we get Matt Holliday back.  But the team scored 6 runs last night and still lost.  The problem is that the pitching, especially in the bullpen, has more holes than a Spaghetti Sifter.  You can’t throw Sanchez out there because he’s sore.  So we are left with Salas, and the rag arms (Miller, Batista, Franklin).  Cardinals GM John Mozeliak has his work cut out for him, as the trade deadline approaches and the bullpen and middle infield defense needing some help.  I don’t envy you Mo, this won’t be easy to fix.  So now the Cardinals are on a five game losing streak, out of first and fast approaching third place as the Reds are again getting hot.  So look out folks, this could get uglier than it already is.


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