Goin to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come….

….but not before one more blog on our beloved St Louis Cardinals, who at this writing still sit on top of the NL Central by 1.5 games over the Brewers.  It will take a sweep for the Cardinals to leave Milwaukee in 2nd place.  But last night’s outing, well I just wonder how many times the Cardinals will make an average at best pitcher dominate them the way Narveson did last night.  Combined with the fact that A)Kyle Lohse was not on his game and B)The umpires were bad, and I mean on both sides, but consistently bad strike zones and bad calls at both first and home.  Led to an ugly performance, that I believe is only the third time this year that the Cardinals have been shut out this year.  But two of those shut outs have come vs the Brewers (May 7th in the game where Gallardo almost had himself a no hitter, and last night).  So that sort of bothers me, but oh well such is life right?  The topper is that it ruined Tony LaRussa’s 5000th game as a manager, which puts him 2nd all time to Connie Mack who’s 7755 over 53 years with the Pirates and Phillies seems unreachable by today’s standards.  But hat’s off to our skipper for an awesome achievement

Too bad the team stunk it up so bad, but hey’s there’s always today.  I am off to Kansas City to bowl in a team tournament, so I won’t be able to blog.  But I just want to say that a couple of years ago, today’s pitching matchup may have been one you’d see to start an All-Star Game with Cardinals Chris Carpenter vs Milwaukee’s Zach Greinke.  But this isn’t two years ago and Carp has struggled, he’s struggled at times with bad location.  He’s also struggled with some less than solid defense behind him, but most important he’s struggled with run support.  Carpenter gets the least amount of run support of any of the Cardinals starters.  I am hoping that trend ends today, because Carp deserves it, and frankly the Cardinals need it.  I don’t want it to come down to tomorrow’s game, to avoid the sweep and stay in first place.  So come on guys, get the W, for Carp, for TLR and well for all of us faithful in Cardinals Nation.


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