Bud does it again

You know if Bud Norris were on the Texas Rangers he could truly be Bud “Chuck” Norris aka Walker Texas Ranger. But no he has to be on the Houston Astros, an NL Central rival of the team he absolutely owns—-The St Louis Cardinals. And good ole “Cy” Norris was at it again last night in dominating the Cardinals. The guy for whatever reason just has the Cardinals number. Maybe Mo should get him at the trade deadline so the Cards can stop facing him EVERY time they face the Astros. I mean this is not just ridiculous but it’s flat out head scratching how this pitcher who’s average at best against everyone else he faces to look like the second coming of Cy Young! He actually had a no hitter going until former Astro Lance Berkman (what a pick up that has turned out to be) took ole Cy Norris deep for his 14th bomb of the year. Oh and by the way that matches Lance’s total home runs for ALL of last year. Come back player of the year anyone? The rest of the Cardinals though offered nothing at Norris last night. And in typical 2011 Cardinals fashion they hit into more double plays. Even when Norris made a mistake and walked a hitter, they would kill that rally with the four letters we have grown all to familiar with here in Cardinals Nation, those being GIDP! I’m getting a little tired of leading the league in that particular category. Actually last night, Berkman’s home run aside, not much went right. Cardinals SP Jaime Garcia, while not given any run support, was still not sharp. And it just wasn’t a good night all around. Coupled with the Mets blowing a 6-2 lead and eventually losing to Milwaukee thereby cutting the Cardinals lead to 1.5 games, today’s matchup is huge. I said it yesterday, I would like for the Cards to have as big of a lead as possible going into Milwaukee, an now I have to count on Cardinals rookie Lance Lynn on the hill. Granted I was impressed with his last outing, some shaky defense cost him. But that was at home, so I’m more than nervous with this outing on the road. Let’s hope the kid pitches like he did , and the defense does not play like they did. And as for Bud “Cy”Norris, about going and being the Walker Texas Ranger pitcher. You have my permission to go away.


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