The return of El Hombre

In the words of Eminem, “Guess Who’s Back…Back again….” Well you know the rest but insert Albert there and yes folks…. Albert’s back!

I mean I don’t think he ever left, but he definitely seemed to be missing in action alot this year.  We doubted, I know I did.  We all wondered when Albert would be, well “Albert” “El Hombre” “MVPujols”, all those nice names we tagged him with.  Albert, himself said that he was fine, that his swing was fine and it was just a matter of timing.  Well doubters, myself included, Albert appears back.  Now I don’t want to get my hopes up too high.  But for now, who cares you know because Albert appears to be back.  His blast last night, while not quite “off Brad Lidge like”, was still a blast and put him as team leader in Home Runs (14).  That’s okay LBFanclub, Lance is right there with his 13th last night.  But I want to praise the return of “El Hombre”.  That is four games in a row folks with a home run, not that I expect a bomb every night, but hey one can wish right?

So keep it up Albert, and make the front office think long and hard about that contract that you still in my opinion deserve.

There were of course other parts that came into play last night, hey how about that Jake Westbrook.  I’m not talking about the pitcher, yes he got the win and not that he didn’t deserve it, but I’m talking about hey how bout that Jake Westbrook at the plate?  That bases clearing knock in the 4th was basically the game winning RBI’s (a stat MLB doesn’t keep anymore). So nice going Jake.  And Salas earned his 11th save, and not a typical one as he had to come in in the 8th when Eduardo Sanchez experienced some control issues.  But man the way he got out of the 8th, no outs bases loaded was NICE! Keep this up young Mr. Salas and folks will stop talking about aquiring Heath Bell at the trade deadline. 

And last but not least, because it’s historic—–RYAN THERIOT!

Yes we slam him sometimes because his defense, well in a word “scary”, but the guy now has a 20 game hitting streak and this was the fifth time he’s done that in his last AB.  So hat’s off to you Ryan Theriot, even if you did have another error (need to work on that Sir).  So tonight Jaime Garcia, fresh off another solid outing takes his 6-1 record against Cardinal nemesis Bud “Cy” Norris tonight.  I won’t lie, I’m worried because Jaime is not the same Jaime on the road, and well we all know Norris when he faces the Birds.  But a win and the Cardinals clinch another series W, and those are very precious.  The Cardinals lead over Milwaukee is now back to 2.5 with the Brewers 2-1 loss to the Mets.  I think it’s very important that the Cardinals have at least a 3 game lead before going to Milwaukee this weekend.  And don’t forget the Reds who are back there lurking, with their win over the Cubs last night.  Those poor, poor Cubbies, well not really. 

So Jaime take care of business, Lance, Albert and everyone keep it up and the Cards should be fine.


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