Offense giveth and the defense taketh away, well that and some not so good bullpen work

Sorry I’ve been away from blogging guys, but with no a/c over the memorial day weekend.  Finally getting a chance to watch a show I’ve been wanting to watch forever, thank goodness for Netflix as I was able to watch Seasons 1-4 of Doctor Who.  Not to go off subject, but if you’ve never seen it and are a Sci-Fi junkie, check it out you will be hooked.  I know I was from the minute I watched it.

This was the poster from the very last episode with the actor who I thought played the Doctor the best.  But watching four seasons of the show, well it took up my time and I didn’t blog.  Then work, and well I could go on and on but I won’t.  As for our beloved St Louis Cardinals.

First off, Lance Lynn, you deserved a better fate.  Imagine one minute you’re in the minors on three days rest nonetheless, and the next you’re on the mound at Busch Stadium facing the World Series Champions (minus Buster Posey-and don’t get me started on that whole soap opera).  And Lance, you did yourself pround, I don’t care what the box score says. 

The fact is you were let down by a shoddy defense, Ryan Theriot’s bobble of what would have been an inning ending double play for starters.  And I don’t want to rag on Colby too much on his defense in CF, I mean the guy did have 6 rbi’s and a grand slam HR.  But still the defense kind of let young Mr. Lynn down.  Then there was of course the other wonderful rally killer for the Cardinals, yep the now famous GIDP.  The Cardinals just seem to find ways to hit into double plays left and right.

The bullpen then imploded, well actually Maikel Cleto the youngster brought up from AA to take Matt Holliday’s spot on the roster when he was placed on the DL for that nagging Quad injury, that I hope is not too serious considering it’s been lingering and he maybe should have gone on the DL sooner rather than risk a more serious injury.  But that’s a different rant also.  Back to Cleto, the guy throws gas, no doubt about it but location was a huge problem and the Giants kind of ran and hid after he came in.  And of course my favorite LH “specialist?” Trever Miller comes in and promptly does what he does best….. nothing!  So between the blown opportunities on the bases, and in the field the Cardinals lost their first home series since Opening Week vs San Diego.  And with that lost the season series to the Giants 2-5, and again this is withouth Buster Posey or Pablo Sandoval although Aubrey Huff did his best impersonation with his 3 home run night tonight and 4 in the series.  The Cardinals got to the Giants very impressive starting staff scoring 19 runs over the 4 games (4.75 runs per game).  I’ll take that offense, and considering without Holliday or Berkman (oh where have you gone president of the LBFanclub?) and Albert still not right.  The young bats (A Craig, Colby, Jon Jay), stepped up and that leaves me optimistic.  But for all that the offense giveth, the defense and the bullpen sometimes giveth away.  So goodbye SF, thanks for coming in here and showing why you’re the defending World Series Champs.  And now in comes our favorite buddies from the North Side of Chicago, bring on the Cubs.  At this writing though the Cardinals can thank their lucky stars, that they are still in first place.  But for how long with this defense, the lack of clutch hitting (it’s almost like we now expect at least one GIDP a night), and shaky at times bullpen…only time will tell.  So let’s beat the Baby Bears okay?


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