Hard luck Carpenter

First off, if you tell me that the Cardinals will take 2 of 3 every time out and take every series on the road, I’ll tell you I’ll take that in a heartbeat.  But having said that, there was just some serious bad luck with one Chris Carpenter today.  I’m wondering, did he break a mirror, walk under a ladder or what?  The dude has had some rotten luck, now granted some his fault like the home run he gave up to Brad Hawpe.  But still in all the guy pitched excellent and deserved the win today.  A complete game performance and 2 ER got him his 5th loss of the season. 

Once again defense played a part as Tyler Greene’s error in the 8th led to the eventual winning run.  How many times must the Cardinals defense keep doing this?  The Cardinals are the worst in the league defensively, and yet they are nine games over .500 (30-21) and still in first place.  The Cardinals still lead the NL Central, even though they grouned into yet another DP.  The fact of the matter is that the St Louis Cardinals can’t win every game, and considering there’s no Matt Holliday right now.  There’s no Albert Pujols, well at least not the Albert Pujols we expect.  There’s no David Freese, and yet the Cardinals continue to be a force in the National League.  Like I said, I’ll take winning 2 of 3 on the road any day.  But I just feel so bad for Chris Carpenter, but here’s the thing, it’s not going to last.  The guy is going to come out of it, I just hope that when he does the rest of the staff is still as impressive as they’ve been up to now.  If so this team can win the Central, and can go deep in the playoffs.  These setbacks are only good measuring sticks for things to come.  So it’s on to Colorado and the very tough Rockies.  And up first is one Ubaldo Jimenez, so with a day off it’s time to dust this one off, enjoy that day off and come Friday get back to business.


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