This move stinks!

This move absolutely stinks!!!!! So let me get this straight, the St Louis Cardinals decided that it is better to keep Miguel Batista and his rag arm.  Or Ryan Franklin and his inability to pitch more than one inning without blowing it.  Or Tyler Greene and his awful, putting it lightly, defense.  Or Pete Kozma, who was brought up and got his time in the bigs, but still needs more AB’s in the minors.  All these moves were better than keeping Mitchell Boggs? By sending Boggs down to the minors, I think sends a message to us fans.  The Cardinals would rather not upset the apple cart by shipping the rag arms (Batista/Franklin/Trever Miller) out.  This move flat out stinks!  I get that Boggs has been struggling as of late, but not near the capacity of all of the above players.  I have lost a bit of respect for whoever is behind this move.  It was only a scant month ago that Boggs trotted in as the “closer”, to being sent to Memphis.  I don’t get it! I want an explanation, as does all of Cardinals Nation.  We deserve one Mo! If this is a TLR move to not upset poor little Ryan Franklin or Miguel Batista, that is unacceptable.  The Cardinals have made some questionable moves in the past but this one is a real head scratcher.  Boggs worse than Batista and Franklin?


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