Nice win today!

Look I’ve been blunt with criticism, and by the same token I will give credit where credit is due.  And today credit is due to alot of players I’ve ranted on in the past.  I’m going to start with SS Ryan Theriot, that defensive gem he made in the 4th was a game changer.  I have had my share of negative comments to Theriot, but I’m man enough to own up and say it…..well played Ryan, well played.

Tyler Greene was also one of those targets of not just mine, but alot of Cardinals fans.  But today his efforts at 2B was awesome!  He looked focused, on every play his way and played a great game at second base.

Jake Westbrook, today showed me the kind of pitcher he is when his pitch location is where he is comfortable.  I lost count of his ground ball outs, but every time I looked he was pitching with very effective location.  When he can get that call on his pitches down in the zone, he is successful and that was most definitely the case today.  This was the furthest he’s gone in a game this year, and probably his longest outing in a long time that I can remember.  His command was very effective, and hey he left the game with a pitch count of 105 (65 were for strikes).  Nicely done Mr. Westbrook.

Matt Holliday, all I can say is WHAT A BOMB! That shot sure eased this Cardinals fans mind, that the quad injury was causing Holliday not to be able to drive the ball.  Well the reports of the demise of Holliday’s swing have been greatly exaggerated.

And finally, thank you Fernando Salas for getting your sixth save in six opportunities.  I don’t want to get too excited about the “closer” role, but for now I am fine with Salas running out there to protect a lead in the ninth inning.  And that brings us to tomorrow, Jaime Garcia takes his 5-0 1.64 era record to the hill in the rubber game.  I want to say I like our chances, but that’s why they play the game.  We shall see, but for at least the next 20 plus hours Cardinals fans can feel good.  Even if Albert’s homerless streak is now at 25 games.  Albert says he’s fine, so I’m going to take him at his word.  But hey Mr. Pujols lets see a long ball just to ease our minds tomorrow okay?


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