Is it time to say goodbye to Colby as our everyday CF

Look I am not one to pile on someone, but guys let’s face it.  There is something wrong with Colby Rasmus in CF.  I don’t know if he’s scared or lazy or what.  But he just doesn’t show me much these days.  Don’t get me wrong I actually like Colby’s bat, but having said that does that make Colby’s trade value any good.  I can refer to tonight’s game as another example, and I’m not even talking about past incidents where he heard those quiet footsteps of the outfield wall.  I’m talking about tonight on a play that was clearly, or at least appeared to be catchable.  For some reason, whether it’s the abomen or what, Colby is just not an aggressive CF.  And that position has to be not only agressive, but it has to communicate with the corner outfielders.  And it has to have somewhat of an arm, something I have not seen from Colby.  I’ve said this before, is it that he just can’t throw or is he just lazy out there?  I really don’t have an answer.  I know this much, I’m ready to see Colby ride the bench and let Jon Jay play CF more regularly.  Case in point, Jon Jay makes a diving effort in RF…hey at least the guy plays aggressive in the outfield.  Colby misses the cut off man, he doesn’t throw with any urgency, and well let’s face it he has a problem with judging the fly balls and makes too many plays that leave me scratching my head.  Enough about that.

There were other issues to point to, in tonight’s game.  For example just how many times must the Cardinals waste opportunities by the infamous acronym “GIDP”, a category that sadly the St. Louis Cardinals lead the National League.  For those wondering, that stands for “Ground Into Double Play” and it adds up to blown and missed opportunities (another 2 tonight).  So that’s a problem.  Holliday striking out with the bases loaded, is a problem ( I wonder if he’s still a little sore from his quad injury).  Tyler Greene is a problem, I really don’t see a spot on this roster for Greene.  I’d rather see the Cardinals bring up Matt Carpenter and send Tyler Greene down, but that’s just me.  Oh wait I think alot of folks agree with me.  I’m also ready to remove the label of LH specialist from Trever Miller.  You are nowhere near a specialist (a four pitch walk to the first batter he faced). Thankfully Tallet has been activated off the DL and we can see less of our “LH Specialist?” And lastly, I’m going to say it….. Albert is in trouble.  When Albert is struggling at the place he has pretty much dominated, that scares me.  Again if you are going to tell me that the contract is not on his mind, I’ll tell you that I think you’re a bit dillusional.  And I gotta tell you I thought we were witnessing the old Chris Carpenter out there tonight.  As he even stated after the game, he left a few pitches up and they “found spots”.  Translation-If Colby catches that fly ball I may not have gotten lifted.  I like that Carp is towing the company line by stating “This is Baseball”.  True it is but Carp, you’ve had some bad breaks tonight.  I also like how Carp said he is just looking forward to taking the mound his next start.  I have not given up on either Albert or Carp, but I would be lying if I said there’s not a little concern.  So tomorrow with hopefully better results although I’m always nervous when Jake Westbrook takes the mound, so we’ll see how it goes.  But hey a lineup (hopefully) that features more Berkman-Holliday-Pujols-Jay and less Colby can be a positive.  Sorry Colby, but I’m off the bandwagon for now. On a postive note, the Reds lost to Cleveland so the Birds are still in first.  And who got the save for Cleveland you may ask-why it was former Cardinal reliever Chris Perez.  Yes I will always rant about that because I didn’t want to see him go.


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2 Responses to Is it time to say goodbye to Colby as our everyday CF

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry rob your nuts get rid of albert for pitching cause carp is done and lance can play first.

  2. You absolutely cannot get rid of Albert. He's one of those "once in a lifetime" players. The Cardinals need Albert, as much as I think Albert needs the Cardinals. After his career is done he needs to be immortalized with a statue at Busch Stadium. If the Cardinals let Albert go, it would be a PR nightmare.

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