I-70 series revisited.

Well it’s time for interleague play and it’s time for the Cardinals to trek across I-70 to Kansas City to face the Royals.  Let’s be clear, this is not a pushover Royals club.  They have proven hitters in Melky Cabrera and Jeff Francouer, as well as new young up and comer Eric Hosmer. Hosmer may make Royals fans forget that they passed up on a young stud hitter named Albert Pujols several years back.

This weekend is huge in the sense that the Cardinals usually fare well in KC, especially the aforementioned Albert Pujols who is in desperate need of something to charge those power numbers.  Albert’s slide is the longest in his careeer, but he has a knack of going yard when he faces the Royals.  Pujols has a career average of .383 with 15 Home Runs and 51 RBI’s.  So if there’s a time for #5 to break out, it’s this series.  The Cardinals also have some injured folks that now can possibly DH this series, I am so ready (I never thought I’d say this), for the DH to be in both leagues full time.  So tonight it looks like Matt Holliday hitting cleanup at the DH to rest that sore quad.  It looks like Lance Berkman will sit this one out, unless he comes in to pinch hit.  I like having a two headed DH monster of Holliday and Berkman with the youngsters Craig, Jon Jay and Colby Rasmus patrolling the outfield.

Take the fact that Carpenter is taking the mound tonight vs Royals Jeff Francis, and this could be a good start to the series.  Couple that with the Reds playing the Indians, go Tribe, and there’s a good chance the Cardinals could be a little further in front in the NL Central by the end of the weekend.

On a personal note, as a person who lived in Kansas City for 20 plus years before moving to St Louis, I will always have a soft spot for the Royals.  I pray that there is not another I-70 World Series, it was gut wrenching for me.   I still remember being stationed overseas when the World Series came about stating that the Cardinals offense would not be stopped, but if anyone could it would be the Royals managed very well by Dick Howser. As a kid that grew up a Cardinals fan, and as a person who has still got alot of friends in KC, that part has me torn.  I will root for the Cardinals always, but I will always, always always have that soft spot for the Royals.  Oh and if you have not been to Kaufmann Stadium since they remodeled, you are missing out.  The stadium was always awesome, it’s even more awesome now.  Major League Baseball is going to have a treat next year when the All Star Game comes to Kansas City, and I have no doubt the city will represent. 

So in my heart I want the Cardinals to win, obviously but after this weekend the Royals have my permission to keep winning.  But again for this weekend….GO CARDS!


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One Response to I-70 series revisited.

  1. Danny says:

    I just hope it isn't like last year's home series when I thought I went to Arrowhead by mistake due to all the red in the crowd.

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