Ladies and Gentleman your almost 3rd place St Louis Cardinals and the classlessness that is the Cincinnati Reds

I waited awhile for the game to end to simmer down, but I’m sorry I just can’t.  I, along with all of Cardinals Nation are angry! Here’s the thing, you’re supposed to be the top team in the division and you are playing the team that most would agree right now is your nastiest rival (again sorry Cubs fans but at the moment you’re a rival, but nasty…No).  So you go into their house and you, well for lack of a better word stink!  The Cardinals lost their first series since way back in April in San Francisco, and suffered their first sweep.  And gang it wasn’t even close.

I’m gonna start with the elephant in the room, and I know that TLR does not believe in cheap shots and retaliation…but this is a team begging to be retaliated…first: Jonny Cueto kicks not only Jason LaRue last year, but Chris Carpenter (I hear Carp still has scars from that), and the Cardinals did absolutely NOTHING to him.  His gestures during his outing and at the end of today’s game shows me that he’s a total thug and I can only pray that he’s pitching the next time the Reds visit Busch.  Chances are Dusty Baker will do some kind of flip flop in his rotation so Cueto can avoid it, but please let his name show as a probable pitcher the next series in St Louis, please please pretty please!  Then there’s Reds closer Francisco Cordero, who after striking out Lance Berkman to end today’s game decided he was a bad man and went all “gangsta” style pointing in the Redbirds dugout.  Of course what could the Cardinals do, charge out and fight… they just got their butts handed to them.  Sure they made a late charge but this series was over as soon as the Cardinals blew the game Friday night.  It wasn’t even close….the Cardinals committed all the errors (Albert his 5th and Jon Jay in what was a fluke but an error nonetheless), they grounded into another double play their MLB leading GIDP I may add and that’s not a stat worth bragging about.  And again the pitching was very suspect.  I love Carp but he’s still not very sharp and that softball pitch he gave to Reds C Ramon Hernandez was just well un-Carp like.  And when, oh when will they remove the title of LH specialist from Trever Miller’s name, he hasn’t been a LH specialist since, well I don’t know when it’s been so long.  Sorry Trever you don’t have it.  I cannot wait for guys like Tallet to come back so we can get rid of some dead weight in the bullpen, you know who you are Ryan Franklin, Miguel Batista etc…

There were just hardly any positives today, even HR’s by Lance Berkman and Yadier Molina just took place so early in the game that we hardly remember them, there was so much bad that took place after that.  Folks I hate to say this, but the Cardinals are now more in danger of slipping to 3rd place than they are of getting back into 1st.  As of this writing the Milwaukee Brewers were winning and a Brewers win, coupled with the Cardinals loss puts them 1.5 out of first and 2.5 ahead of 3rd.  With what I think is going to be a tough upcoming schedule, a brief two game home series vs Philadelphia that is scary and then a  seven game trip that starts in KC (who is no pushover anymore folks), SD and Colorado.  This is a strech that I think when all is said and done could see our St Louis Cardinals behind two teams and not just one.  The constant missed opportunities on the bases, the less than stellar defense, and the less than less than stellar bullpen equals not so good. 

Oh and to all of you classy Reds fans out there, how good of fans are you when you had a paid attendance of 24,000 plus for a weekend game vs the team you all hate so much.  First the Cardinals get that and then some on a week day game, and you can bet that when you’re thuggish team makes it’s next trip to Busch (and I have the weekend of July 4-6 circled on my calendar), I bet there are way more than 24,000 fans there.  I think you’re gonna hate that trip to St Louis.  I’m not an advocate for retaliation, but I will say it again there has to be… you cannot just let them punk you and just do nothing.  Yes, we are a classier team and play the right way, but still there is a time when you have to man up and drill someone.  I hope that I am fortunate enough to get tickets to one of those games, I want to be there personally to tell you that your a team of thugs.  By the way, where was Scott Rolen when this stuff is taking place. I’m sorry I don’t buy that Scott is being an ambassador, I think ole Scotty has still got some hard feelings about how his time in St Louis ended.  And I think that mode of thinking is up in the GM’s box too.  Don’t tell me that Walt Jocketty is not sitting back in his office right this second and not loving this, you know he is!  Back to the Reds fans, who from what I hear from fellow Cardinals fans that were at the game, that they were the target of alot of abuse.  It happens on twitter too, I can’t tell you how many “tweets” I see from these out of the woodwork fairweather fan’s that are so brave behind a keyboard talking how they would love to see Yadi get drilled, or Albert or anyone in a Cardinals uniform.  Real classy Cincy fan, no not really but I have an idea, when you win a championship come talk to me. I actually had a Reds fan tell me stuff I won’t repeat, but when I looked at his profile it said “A Die Hard Reds fan since 2009″…Die hard since 2009? Wow you know that is defined as a “fair weather fan” in my book. Oh and if you’re supposed to be such great fans, how about having more than 24,000 paid for a home game… give me a break! Act like you’ve won before and do it with want to impress me, start acting like a real fan.


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3 Responses to Ladies and Gentleman your almost 3rd place St Louis Cardinals and the classlessness that is the Cincinnati Reds

  1. Luke says:

    Did you not notice the fact that the Cardinals bench was jawing at Cordero after the Pujols HBP? (which anyone how believes was intentional doesnt understand baseball. 0-2 count and a close to .400 batter up next) I believe it was one of the coaches. You failed to mention that in your post…Is Cordero not allowed to jaw back? Molina sure was with Brandon Phillips…

  2. Rob says:

    How do you justify what Cueto did last year with the whole kicking people in the back and in the face though? I have more of a problem with Cueto than I do with Cordero. And I will say at least you posted your name, unlike the several "anonymous" posts I see from time to time. I'll give you props. The problem is that this rivalry should not have gotten this heated but it is, and honestly the nasty stuff I get from other Reds fans would make you sick

  3. J. Rudd says:

    Your point about Trevor Miller not having it is spot on. Something has to be done. He is completely ineffective and if it wasn't for how terrible Franklin has been, Cardinals fans would be trying to fly T. Miller out of town…

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