Ugly losses on many levels

God I hate the Reds! And I hate losing, but the way the Cardinals lost today left me sick to my stomach! For the first time since Apr 8-10 are the Cardinals going to lose a series and now are in danger of being swept for the first time this year.  Folks that is a real possibility if the Cardinals continue to play the kind of defense they are playing (are you listening Ryan TheriOMGiot!!!).  And if the bullpen continues to come in and unravel (are you listening Ryan Franklin and Jason Motte?). 

The Cardinals have this knack right now of getting Cardinal Nation to believe in them, only to stick us in the back.  The offense didn’t put up any fight on Jonny Cueto, Colby lunging at a first pitch out of the plate right after Cueto issued a walk, showed me zero plate discipline.  And the defense Colby exhibits from time to time, makes me wonder whether he sometimes just doesn’t care.  I hate to say it but this team right now is a bit dysfunctional, just the opposite of the team that went into GAC last year with a chip on it’s shoulders based on certain comments, that I am not going to bother to re-hash.

So now it’s up to Chris Carpenter to prevent this from being the first sweep on the wrong side this year, and also to get the Cardinals back into first place.  I’m going to be honest here, right now the Cardinals don’t deserve to be in first place.  A first place team doesn’t play like this on defense, and they don’t blow leads like they did Friday night.  I’m going to say it again…WHY WHY WHY DID WE GET RID OF CHRIS PEREZ??????? I really like the S&S twins, but I don’t want them put in the pressure situations of closing games, and we’ve seen that clearly the wrong pitcher was kept with Jason Motte’s uncanny knack to uncork a wild pitch and then get all weird after each pitch.  I’m sorry but I just don’t feel, and I would need to be shown alot for me to ever feel comfortable when Jason Motte is called upon.  And as for Ryan Frankin, don’t even get me started…  it’s time for Mr. Franklin to find his way to the DFA, or the DL or whatever it takes to see him not brought in.  There is no lead or deficit large enough for him to get outs. 

I hate to pile on Lance Berkman and Matt Holliday, but when they are silenced and with Albert still somewhat showing me that the contract is on his mind, the Cardinals offense is a little stagnant.  The bottom line is we need to get some of our guys back so guys like Theri”dont”, and Franklin and Motte and Batista can just sit and watch. 

I hate that the two players on the Reds I hate the most were so significant in today’s loss.  Brandon Phillps bomb made me sick to my stomach, and Cueto’s utter dominance of the Cardinals bats didn’t help my indigestion much.  I love the Cardinals, but this team sometimes makes me scratch my head, I just pray that tomorrow Carpenter shows a little “chip” and this team realizes that they are supposed to be the better team and right now it just doesn’t seem to be the case.


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One Response to Ugly losses on many levels

  1. Nicole says:

    That was a brutal game to watch 😦

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