Enough is enough!

You know I’ve been nice but the time for being nice is done, dead and gone.  We’re in May, the St Louis Cardinals are in first place, visiting the second place and what I feel is a more heated rival in the Cincinnati Reds and I can’t watch two of the three games this weekend unless I go to a bar.  And well the gloves are coming off as far as I’m concerned.

Once again those of us that are being held hostage by this greed fest going on between Fox Sports Midwest and AT&T U-verse get screwed!  That’s right I said screwed! I’m sick and tired of the politeness that goes with comments from both sides.  FSMW is so sorry that there can’t be a resolution and they feel bad for the fans, and well U-verse offered me a whopping $7.00 in credits.  Big freaking wooopty-dooooh! Do you think I care about 7 bucks when I get my Uverse bill and it’s over $130 freaking dollars a month?!?!?!? NO, WHAT I CARE ABOUT IS WATCHING MY TEAM PLAY EVERY TELEVISED GAME THAT I’M SUPPOSED TO! This is utter BS!  I know that there are a bunch of people that feel the same pain and they’ve, as well as I flooded AT&T’s phone number voicing our displeasure…. and enough is enough! Both parties need to fix this, and fix it quick!  You know AT&T, you’re not so big that I can’t dump your expensive behind’s and go to DirecTV.  And guess what I won’t stop there, I’ll also dump your cell phones and go elsewhere too.  Customers are getting the shaft here and to quote the movie line,” I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it!”

This is a very pivotal series, the Cardinals-Reds rivalry as pointed out by fellow bloggers is not by any means friendly as we just witnessed in Chicago.  This rivalry is very “non” friendly, and I expect the masses to descend upon Great American Ballpark to flood the Cardinals players with loud boos and raucous comments.  Well, that is if they sell out the place that is.  It’s not like the fans have been going through the turnstyles there in droves, although I do feel this weekend series will be sold out all three.  That’s fine the Cardinals have been crushing the ball on the road… I think the lowest run total in one game recently was the four runs the Cards scored at Wrigley Wednesday night in that weird rain delayed game. I mean the St Louis Cardinals offense on the road is raking the ball, and that is even without Albert going deep (his last HR was April 14th vs the Dodgers).  Albert’s starting to get his swing and his average is rising and I have a feeling this weekend series vs the Reds will be epic.  I also love the pitching matchups starting tonight with Kyle Lohse aka Tony LaRussa Jr 4-2 2.24 vs Bronson Arroyo 3-3 3.68 followed by Kyle McClellan 5-0 3.30 vs Johnny “cheapshot kick wimp”Cueto 1-0 0.00 and finally Chris Carpenter fresh off his first win 1-2 4.32 vs Travis Wood 2-3 5.28.  This has the makings of an early table setter series. 

But of course again we U-verse customers won’t see most of it, thank you! Oh the game is being shown on MLB Network tonight but you know MLB is going to show their favorite series, you see it’s Red Sox-Yankees weekend and when those two teams play well the rest of MLB comes to a stand still.  I believe that series is being shown on a major network all weekend with tonights on MLB, tomorrow on Fox and finally Sunday on ESPN.  Again the entire baseball world stops when those two teams meet, everyone must stop and pay attention to the Sawx-Yanks.  Folks let me tell you, the Cardinals-Reds series could have more fights than the BoSox-Yankees.  It’s just too bad that I won’t get to see much of it.


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One Response to Enough is enough!

  1. Chris says:

    Rob, I have DirecTV and it's less than $130 a month — about $95 a month including HD, DVR and their sports pack.

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