Sad to have to say goodbye to an old friend

Guys I am going to break from the usual St Louis Cardinals blog because today I am very sad.  I have to say goodbye to an old friend.  You see with finances the way they are and other stuff, I am forced to sell my very reliable truck that I have had now for 11 years.  I love this truck, it’s been so reliable for me through bad weather and good.  Oh sure it’s had it’s share of work done, I mean it’s eleven years old, but I took great care of it.  This is not me unloading a lemon on anyone,  I truly don’t want to sell my golden boy, but again we have to cut costs in some places, and one of the places is to eliminate one of our vehicles, and since the other car is much newer….well again by process of elimination the older vehicle has to go.  This truck, whoever buys it will be a good vehicle.  Again it’s old but it still runs very good.  It has a few things that will need done down the road but nothing major.  I have put some pictures on here for you all to look at.  I am very sad to say goodbye to this truck, it’s been like an old friend to me.  I really hope to get him a good home.  It’s an automatic, and as of this writing has approx 146,000 plus miles on it.  There’s a crack on the windshield but it’s not in a place that it won’t pass inspection.  It has an AM/FM with a CD player.  The AC works very well, and that’s super important this time of year.  I won’t lie the check engine light is on, but last time I got it inspected they passed it, they just had me fix one of the cylinders.  But the bottom line is, that it runs very good for an old boy of his age, and again if I wasn’t in a corner with finances….well there’s no way I would get rid of him.  I’ll post some pictures here to look at first:

Heres another one:

And another:

And another one:

And then a shot from inside:

So you can see this is a nice looking vehicle, it runs good…. I’m asking between $1000-2000 for it as is.  So guys, hit me up if you’re interested….and I hope I find him a good home…


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One Response to Sad to have to say goodbye to an old friend

  1. Nicole says:

    Awww the golden boy was a good truck. I am glad that this will go to a young boy who will hopefully take care of him. I know that it's hard to move on from things, but in the end it's the right thing to do. 🙂

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