And off to Houston

Well Cardinals fans, the results over the weekend were for the most part favorable.  Granted I’d like to have gotten the sweep over the Reds, but you know what I’ll take a .667 percentage every series.  If the Cardinals can do that every series, they should make post season play.  Take each series with that mindset, and the results can only be good.

I’m going to first start by saying, I am now over the whole “DatDudeBP” feud.  I have figured Brandon Phillips out, he’s like that heel wrestler you would watch on Monday Night Raw.  He has an excellent career in the WWE if this whole baseball thing don’t work out.  He is the perfect heel, in that he knows how to get under the fans of the good guys, or “face” in wrestling terms.  But the fact is this, it’s an act and at the end of the day I get it as just that.  So all Brandon was lacking when he was introduced at the bat, was a little pyro and some entrance music.  How about this “DatDude”? You can represent Cincinnati and we can get St Louis’s own Randy Orton to introduce you to the world of wrestling.  Okay, okay I’m getting off topic here but what I’m saying is I now get the act and am over the character that is….DatDudeBP.

As for the series, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of one Jake Westbrook.  I should have known the minute I dropped him from my fantasy team, he’d go off.  But that’s fine I’d rather have the W’s for the Cardinals than my fantasy team.  But seriously, Jake was wasting no time on the mound, I think the impending lousy weather may have swayed his decision to get out there and pitch and not mess around. 

He was opposed by Edison Volquez, who going in was struggling as well, and he was dealing as well.  It started to look like there would be no scoring before Mother Nature would open the skies above Busch Stadium, but then up came…..Yadier Molina, who in the blink of a pitch took Volquez’s 100th pitch out for a 3 run Home Run and gave the home crowd something to cheer about.

And then the pen took over, and boy did it!  Enter the two young guns Fernando Salas, and Eduardo Sanchez to shut the Reds down in the 7th and 8th before Mitchell Boggs (who at this writing is still not the technically the closer, just the guy that comes in to finish the game) came in to close out the Reds and send them onto Milwaukee in 3rd place in the NL Central.  I believe that the Cardinals have a dilemma when Brian Tallet comes off the DL, and hopefully the two “young guns” stay with the big club.  Maybe this would be a good time to place Ryan Franklin on the DL and let him rest his arm.  I like the way these two young hurlers throw, with no fear and a bit of a swagger.  And with Mitchell Boggs now doing what a “closer” is supposed to do, and that’s actually close out games, well I’m encouraged.

So now the Cardinals head to Houston to take on the Astros at Minute Maid park, a place Cardinals RF Lance Berkman knows too well.  It will be interesting to see the reaction of the Houston faithful, I expect it to be very respectful.  Lance gave the Astros some great years, and watching him go deep with the Birds on the Bat has been great, and a blast into that short porch as a Cardinal would be awesome!  Of course a couple of things worry me going into Tuesday’s game.  The first being the health of Albert Pujols, that tight hamstring he claims is not serious still worries me.  Of course Albert Pujols being the competitor that he is, I would not be one bit surprised to see him batting 3rd and playing first base tomorrow night.  Albert absolutely hates not being in the lineup, and unless he is worse than he is saying will play.  The second thing that worries me tomorrow is the fact that the Cardinals are facing Cardinals killer Bud “Chuck” Norris with his 1-1 record and his 4.91 ERA, although that never seems to matter when he is facing the St Louis Cardinals.  The fact that Jaime Garcia is towing the rubber for Cardinals would usually give me optimism, but even Jaime with his 3-0 record and his 1.44 ERA may not be enough if the Cardinals bats are silenced by Walker Texas Ranger, aka Bud Norris.  So to the Cardinals bats tomorrow night, is Norris going to silence the bats again?
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