And the defense fails again…

Before I rant on the disappointment that happened out at Busch Stadium today, I have to send out my thoughts and prayers to the several thousands of people that were devastated by the storms that tore through St Louis and parts of Illinois last night.  I was fortunate enough to have been way South of where all the devastation took place, and I consider myself truly blessed.  But that doesn’t make me feel any better for those that are out of their homes, lost many of their valued possessions that took some years to acquire.  I, especially remember an interview with a gentleman this morning on the TV, talking and fighting back tears as he remembered the home he grew up in and made his home as an adult, gone in the blink of an eye from a Tornado.  The pictures from the devastation:

My prayers again to all of those affected, and as of this writing, no fatalities which to me is a miracle in itself on this Easter Weekend.

Now to the game:

Wow! Now talk about taking what could have, should have a Cardinals victory.  You had the makings, once again Chris Carpenter on the mound, and again with the exception of one bad outing in Arizona has been pitching very well.  But with zero wins to show for it, and on the heels of the win late into the night last night, I just had a good feeling today.  Plus the Cardinals have played the Reds so well going back to last year.  So I was optimistic.  And things started out very well, Carpenter had his A game going.  Even had a no hitter to the 5th, and even though he had a hiccup with the home run to Joey Votto was given the chance for the win when Albert Pujols went deep in the 6th.  Then the rains came and I think that’s where things began to change. 

So, we come back from the 42 minute rain delay, to see in the game….last night’s “starter” Miguel Batista.  Miguel started last night with a lead off walk before the rains came and today picked up where he left off by hitting Johnny Gomes but the wheels started coming off when David Freese (who’s been nails at 3rd base) sailed a throw past Albert.  I think the wet ball definitely aided the ball fly out of Freese’s hands to, well noone.  But then it gets worse, Tony LaRussa brings in Trever Miller to be the left hand specialist who promptly walks Jay Bruce with the bases loaded to force in a run.  And then the unthinkable, as many of my fellow Cardinals fans pointed out, LaRussa brings in Ryan Franklin.  This had the making of a disaster, many wonder if Tony is setting Franklin up to fail by bringing him in a situation he was bound to mess up.  Bases loaded and Franklin promptly serves up an 0-2 pitch right where Miguel “I’m old” Cairo could hit it, center of the plate and sure enough that’s what he did.  Base hit to left, two more runs score and the Reds, like that are up 5-3.  To Franklin’s credit he was put in a situation, that I think he was doomed…again I feel like poor Ryan Franklin just can’t do it anymore.  But he got out of the inning with minimal damage, alot of which was not his fault.  I think, we Cardinals fans should lay off booing him, we’ve let him know and I think he is well aware that folks are upset with the results.  I’ll say it again, it’s not personal, it’s simply baseball and if you can’t get folks out, please retire.  Someone pointed out that when Brian Tallet comes off the DL, that they think we will see Ryan Franklin go on the DL with a tired arm.  May be a good thing, give him some time to rest and think about things.  But to my point, I am done booing Ryan Franklin, I feel bad for the guy.  Tony LaRussa maybe should have left Trever Miller in to try and get out of the 8th, I don’t know if the bullpen was through after the late game last night.  I wasn’t sure if we would see Salas or not, but thats a mute point now.  The fact is the bullpen was not the only culprit… the defense was just as much to blame.  Another error in the ninth, just added to the frustration.  The Cardinals defense has now committed 16 errors, where the Reds coming into today’s game only have nine and they went errorless today.  So that had a whole lot to do with why this game went the way it did.  So if I’m Chris Carpenter, I’m having a closed door meeting with my team and asking them what it will take for them to get him a WIN!  Last inning blown saves, errors etc… the guy deserves better. So now tomorrow night’s game is even more important, and Jake Westbrook tows the rubber for the Cardinals, and if there’s anyone who needs to get their act together it’s him.

Let’s hope the Cardinals defense gets their act together too… hey guys let’s look at these two guys maybe they can show you how to play some defense:

Defense wins championships! And notice I didn’t mention a certain Reds second baseman, because I now get it, the guy is a show boat, kind of like a heel wrestler in the WWE that you boo but realize it’s an act.  I’m over the act.


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