Outstanding performance today, and look whos running their mouth again?

Well first off, welcome back Kyle Lohse!!!! Lohse pitched like a man who wants to prove something to all of the naysayers, and I admit I was one.  But you know what I and many others neglected to remember is that Kyle Lohse was the most “snakebitten” pitcher in the bigs last year.  Every time he was turning a corner he’d get a fluke injury (hit by pitch, hit by batted ball etc..). To the point where Lohse had to have surgery.  But Kyle Lohse, ladies and gentlemen is a man on a mission, and determined to show that when healthy, he’s a pretty doggone good pitcher.  Lohse carried a no hitter to the 4th, but the most impressive thing was that he got the complete game, and he faced out of 27 hitters a total of 31 batters.  That’s impressive guys and girls.  Nice to see the long ball come to Busch by the home guys as well (Holliday and Pujols).  But not just that it was just an all around good performance by the Cardinals, and to be honest could have been a sweep, except for some obvious snafu’s in the first game of the series.  But I’m not going to go into that again, because it’s in the past, and as the present goes the Cardinals are still in first place with……..our good friends the Cincinnati Reds, which brings me to….

Some people just don’t know when to shut their mouth, I’m talking about you Brandon Phillips or as you like to call yourself on twitter “DatDudeBP“, who took to twitter to slam not just the Cardinals, but the city of St Louis.  Hey Brandon, if you’re trying to again put the spotlight on you and set yourself up for a butt whipping, mission accomplished! Let’s see where to begin, well you remember last year him calling the Cardinals a name that I won’t repeat here, but needless to say it fired up the Birds and well you remember how that turned out… and with the exception of a Cueto cheapshot kick to the face of Jason LaRue, that led to LaRue calling it a career it was a successful series.  I still fail to see how Johnny Cueto was allowed to pitch another game the rest of the season, you put a guy out for the season, it’s only fair that you sit as many games…but oh well that’s in the past.  Now let’s skip to the present where “DatDudeBP” took to twitter calling out not just the Cardinals, but the city…heck he even said that there’s no place to eat in St Louis and recommended his teammates just go to the grocery store for “lunchables”…wow DatDude just keep it up. Although sucking up to St Louis’s own Nelly confuses me?

I just wished our boy Nelly told you a thing or two about “The Lou”.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this makes the Reds to me the most hated team right now to the Cardinals.  Don’t get me wrong I still think the Cubs are the Cardinals biggest rivals and I haven’t forgotten about Milwaukee and their team “untuck” tactics. But for now I really hate the Reds, and I think they feel the same about the Cardinals from Dusty Baker’s public feud with Tony LaRussa, Walt Jocketty wanting to out do the Cardinals organization, to the spouts of morons (I’m talking about you too Johnny Gomes).  By the way Brandon, how’d it feel to make the last out in the NLDS last year….let me tell you how it felt here…it felt GREAT! So let’s see now we have the Reds coming to town, tied for first with the Cardinals.  All three games are on big networks (Tonight on MLB Network, Saturday on FOX and Sunday on ESPN).  So other parts of America will get a full on view of this rivalry that once was not much of one, thrown into the spotlight by certain events. Oh and Saturday taking the mound for the Cardinals, a one Chris Carpenter.  Mr Anger Management himself.  Now I am not saying there will be any Reds players drilled, because we know Tony LaRussa does not like to manage that way.  But, if and I say if, Carp were to drill Brandon Phillips, I have a mind to think it was not accidental.  Personally I would rather hurt the Reds, where it really hurts… on the field and in the standings.  That series at Great American Ballpark was epic, and I expect nothing less than a very fired up St Louis Cardinals team, with a bunch of Cardinals fans going through the turnstyles at Busch Stadium to welcome the Reds to town.  I, just wish I could be there to personally let the Reds know just how much I think of them.  Again what will hurt the Reds the most is at the end of the weekend to be looking up in the standings to see them trailing the Cardinals.  So Cardinal Nation, it’s time to get fired up…. the bad guys are coming to our house and if Mother Nature cooperates, we need to send them home a 2nd or 3rd place team or worst. It starts tonight with Kyle McClellan and what has been an impressive start to silence the Reds.  And to Brandon Phillips, who can’t shut up…..


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One Response to Outstanding performance today, and look whos running their mouth again?

  1. M Turner says:

    Again, a nice rant Rob. Lohse has been fantastic. I think he'll keep it up for a while, but I fear he'll tire a bit as the season goes on. And don't be too hard on Phillips. His knack for controversy has made this rivalry suddenly a big one on the national stage. BTW, I've got you listed now on the main page of The Redbirds Report.

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