An almost perfect night of TV

First off, I am going to admit it…. I watch American Idol, I wasn’t sure what to expect without the presence of the voice of reason from the Judges in Simon Cowell, but to be honest I stuck it out.  And I still enjoy watching it. My favorite is young Mr James Durbin who had this written about him recently:

Durbin’s powerful voice and flashy showmanship have made him one of “Idol’s” main attractions. However, he also has won over many fans by speaking frankly about his lifelong struggles with Tourette’s and Asperger’s syndromes.

The other thing I like about him is he is a fan of Professional Wrestling and has been hanging out with the likes of Chris Jericho and Hulk Hogan, and has gained a popular fan base in the wrestling world.  Plus the dude can flat out sing.  So, yes I watch Idol and I continue to root for the man with the rocker’s voice, even though I’m a huge Country Music fan, you can’t help but like this kid.

The other reason this was an almost perfect TV night was my other show I enjoy Grey’s Anatomy was a re-run allowing me to watch yet another show I enjoy, The Office and the last few episodes of Steve Carell.  That’s a whole different topic, because I am really gonna miss the ditsy boss Michael Scott on that show.  I am not sure how the show will survive without him, only time will tell.  So this left me my final reason this was an “almost” perfect night of TV…. my St Louis Cardinals game was not only on, but on MY TV YEAHHHH! Sure the late start was tough as many of Cardinal nation tried bravely to stay up for the whole game, but that 9:10 pm cst start was a killer, I admit it’s not easy for me either and I’m sure I’ll regret it when the alarm clock goes off tomorrow.  But hey, who am I to be picky since I have only seen two games since Saturday due to that nasty black out that I’ve griped about in almost every blog since I first heard about it.

But to the game itself I can point out way, way more positives than negative tonight.  I was really worried facing Kuroda with his lights out ERA and his success vs the Cardinals.  But I wanted to stay positive that the offense was not just a flash in the pan vs the D-Backs, but they had in fact turned a corner, found their chemistry whatever you want to call it.  And boy did they!!!!  As of this writing every hitter has at least one hit, and yes that includes Jaime Garcia (although his baserunning snafu, was almost very costly in more ways than one- get to that in a bit).  But man everyone was hitting, and oh yeah welcome back ALBERT PUJOLS, going yard tonight.  Nice to see #5, getting around on the pitch and muscling it over the left field wall… I really do think that this slump will soon be a memory.  We’ll be going,” Remember when Albert was struggling?” Others that are looking very good with the bat, of course Lance Berkman, even his outs look solid as does his speed on the base paths…young Puma can still run.  Matt Holliday swinging a nice bat, as well as Colby Rasmus.  These things are all to me very excellent positives that helped the Cardinals to as of this writing a 9-3 lead going to the 8th inning.  Defensively, both Holliday and Berkman made run saving plays.  Holliday showed a nice gun from the outfield and prevented a run from scoring early in the game, and Lance Berkman’s run saving defensive play was very nice to see.  This considering we were all nervous about his outfield defense, and who can forget Matt Holliday’s adventures in the outfield vs the Dodgers in the NLDS in 2009. So both were nice to see from this Cardinals fans eyes. Late inning defensive gem by Jon Jay also thwarted a Dodgers rally that could have gotten ugly but kept score at 9-4 good guys.

I do have to point out a few negatives that I saw and I’ll begin with Cardinals SP Jaime Garcia…yes he’s in line for the W but young Mr. Garcia’s stuff was definitely not as sharp, again defense saved him from possibly leaving sooner and not in line for the victory.  I was glad he got a hit, but come on Jaime be a little more careful on the basepaths, as you almost cost the Cardinals a) a run and b)your services as you could have hurt yourself on that slide.  Jaime, you are being paid to pitch, if you get the hit when up wonderful but don’t do anything stupid that forces you to not do what you are primarily being paid to do. I wanted to also point out something with Colby Rasmus in CF, I still think he’s going to be a good CF, but Colby you can’t be bouncing throws from shallow CF to the plate.  From time to time he does things like that, that worry me.  But as long as he’s making it up with his bat, I’ll deal with the momentary slip ups in the field. Another negative, and not a huge one but more of a concern, because you all know I’m a huge fan of Yadier Molina, but tonight was not one of his better days behind the plate.  Nobody should ever steal on Yadi and yet he doesn’t seem to be throwing runners out with the same zip on the ball, hope that is something that is temporary, and the past ball is something we are not use to seeing from Yadi.  So hopefully it was just a hiccup and nothing more.  His bat did come around late in the game, but I’m worried about him at the plate too.  I’m hoping that, too is just a hiccup, we shall see.  And lastly Ryan Franklin came in, and yes he got three outs but I’m still worried as the home run he gave up to Kemp was a bomb! I was actually hoping Tony LaRussa would bring Ryan Franklin in, because I believe he needed a confidence boost without the pressure of a save situation, and he passed, well sort of.  Again I’m still scared but hey a W is a W is a W, and a 9-5 win, well I’ll take it.  The bats were lively, the defense was pretty good and the Cardinals are now one game under .500 now with Lohse taking the bump tomorrow night.  Can they pull even tomorrow night, will Lohse pitch like he did his last outing? How will Jon Garland fare in his first game off the DL? All questions will be answered this time tomorrow night, and to those haters out there that can’t stand seeing the Cards get another win….


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