Offensive Explosion

Wow the bats sure woke up, and what do you know I got to watch the game … finally.  Let me say that as I write this I’m a bit under the weather, don’t know what it is that didn’t agree but I’m not up to snuff as it were. This affected my bowling game tonight too doggone it.  I went into my league with my best average in a long time 194.72 and after shooting a whopping 568 (199-201-168) lowered my average to 194.52.  I think being sick had alot to do with it as my last game I hit the proverbial wall, but I’m getting off track.  The point is one of my fellow bowlers told me that he heard, of course I’ll believe it when I see it, that they are close to ironing out this whole black out thing.  Let’s hope so, because the next blacked out game is Sunday (Carp’s next schedule start vs LA), and I’d like to see it because I think Carp’s last start was a hiccup.

But to the game, actually to the series….wow the bats sure did come alive! I mean look at these numbers
Game one 40 AB 14 hits for a .350 avg 3 HR 8 RBI 2 out RBI 7 Berkman twice and Jay once.  But that was against a pitcher Enright with a 6.00 ERA

Game two of series 43 AB 16 hits for a .372 avg again 3 HR (all solos) 8 RBI, 2 out RBI’s 3 with shots by Berkman…again Rasmus and Freese.  Yes it was a loss but still nice numbers, but again the opposing pitcher Gallaraga was sporting a 6.75 ERA

Game three of series 44 AB 17 hits for a .386 avg 2 more HR and of course 14 RBI, but get this 2 out RBI’s was 10 and again Berkman went deep a Grand Slam no less and Schumaker got his first HR of the 2011 season.  But again the opposing pitcher was not exactly Cy Young Kennedy sported a 6.88 ERA

Total for the series for the Cardinals:
127 AB 47 Hits .370 avg 8 HR and 30 RBI’s and this is without Albert going deep, although you can sense he’s about to bust out.  His hand position seems better, he’s seeing the pitches and driving the ball, not to mention that he’s now sitting back rather than lunging like he was earlier in the season. Earlier, as if we are in game 160 or something.  Folks we are still only 12 games in and the Cardinals are starting to resemble the team we all thought we would see.  I personally am liking the AB’s they’re taking, maybe Mr. McGwire knows what he’s doing or…

Maybe the Cardinals were hitting against inferior starting pitching, now if this trend is still going after this weekend set with the LA Dodgers, I’ll be a little more excited.  I took a look at the four opposing pitchers the Redbirds face and it’s a lot more formidable to say the least:

Tonight Jaime Garcia with his 0.60 ERA draws Dodgers starter Kuroda 2-0 1.72 ERA
Friday Lohse takes on Jon Garland who is making his first start since coming off the DL
Saturday McClellan 1-0 2.25 takes on Clayton Kershaw 2-1 1.37 ERA
and Sunday Carpenter will try to get his first W 0-2 5.52 ERA vs Billingsley 1-1 7.71 ERA

To me this will be a better measuring stick if the Cardinals offense is coming around, or they just pounded a bad Arizona Diamondbacks pitching staff.  I want to think the positive, but again let’s see on Monday.  I’m hoping that we will be talking about how the Cardinals took a dismal start and turned into a solid road trip and come back to Busch next week better than when they left Busch last week.  Again I’m liking what I’m seeing, well when I’m seeing it that is.  I just hope that this whole black out thing becomes a distant memory and I don’t have to say to the networks anymore….


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2 Responses to Offensive Explosion

  1. Mark says:

    Good Points for sure. It certainly is still early but I love what I have seen from are starting pitching. Franklin has struggled more than likely he will get another shot this weekend.

  2. Anonymous says:

    boilermaker you got it all in one bag as usual. nice blog. marry me

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