A Sarcastic Thank You to the networks

Before I leave for work I just wanted to take the time to say a great big THANK YOU to the following: Fox Sports Midwest, MLBNetwork and ESPN for robbing me of the chance to see the Cardinals or the highlights from the game last night in Chase field.  By the way this is a very, very sarcastic Thank You. As in I don’t really mean it!

First off, as everyone is aware with this whole greedfest that is the Fox Sports Midwest’s riff with certain providers of which U-verse is one and I happen to have that provider, we are blacked out on approx 20 Cardinals games this year.  My previous little post showed that some of those are against teams I know we, as Cardinals fans don’t want to miss (Reds, Phillies, Royals to name a few).  So with that being said, for those 20 games I am reduced to (again not that I mind listening to Mike Shannon and John Rooney), but I am reduced to listening anyway.  So this is my plight, although I get to finally watch them tonight, hallelujah!

So I figure since I can’t watch the game, the least I can do is tune in the next morning to the networks that can show me highlights, and from last night there were alot of them.  So this morning I get up I make my self a nice glass of juice, one of those Jimmy Deans Breakfast Bowls and watch what I missed last night.  So I figure my first best option to see highlights is MLB Network because they usually show all the highlights from both sides, you know Home Runs stuff like that.  Well I patiently waited for them to break down inning by inning the Dodgers-Giants game, and I almost mean that literally. It was almost like we were watching the game over again, must have been because Lincecum was on the hill for SF or could have been because Brian Wilson finally didn’t blow a save.  Who knows but I sat patiently through almost 10 min of highlights, then they tease…after the break we will head out to Chase Field to see what got Kirk Gibson so angry.  I’m thinking okay here we go, I mean I know there was alot of fireworks and I wanted to see them all.  So we get to the highlights and they consisted of the following: Az Catcher Montero getting rung up twice, Kirk Gibson going ballistic, Upton’s blast and I do mean blast it was indeed a blast, Young’s HR etc.. do you see a pattern here…NOT ONE SINGLE CARDINAL HIGHLIGHT EXCEPT A CLOSE UP OF CARP LOOKING VERY UN-CARP LIKE, but if you didn’t know that Lance Berkman hit his 3rd homer in 2 days, or that Lance and Freese went back to back, or that Colby hit a nice jack.  You sure wouldn’t have from the highlights because they didn’t happen according to MLB Network.  There was a very brief mention of Lance’s homer when they showed the box score….oh gee thank you oh great MLBN. Again it was like there was only one team playing at Chase Field last night.

So as much as I didn’t want to, I went to ESPN Sportscenter, hoping maybe, just maybe they’d be a little different.  Here’s in a nutshell what they showed… Montero K’ing twice, Gibson going off, Upton’s blast, Carp’s up close facial, oh and Albert striking out.  By the way oh wise losers at the four letter network, Albert did have 3 hits but of course they want to show the negatives.  No Berkman homer, no Freese, no Colby jack, nothing.  I’m so sick and tired of these big networks, and the fact that I couldn’t watch the game last night makes it oh so much worse.  So to all of the braintrust at the MLB Network, and ESPN and yes to an extent Fox Sports Midwest (because I now believe they are the culprit since it’s not just Uverse that can’t show the games but other providers as well, making FSMW the common denominator)…to all of you greedy and biased people I say….


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